Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Frozen Wasteland that is North Carolina

You would not believe how cold it was today. I woke up freezing, and it just stayed like that the entire day. We even fired up the wood stove mid-day and while it helped heat up most of the house, my room is as freezing as ever. So I've been running my heater trying to make a dent in the below zero (feels that way to me) temperatures in my room. Let's just say I'm super bundled up and hoping that this expected warm up happens later this week, this frigid weather sucks!
I also escaped the frozen house today and went out. I actually went out yesterday, but with a bank issue that couldn't be resolved with the bank being closed, we ended up going home without getting anything done. Also, the post office was closed and I needed to mail something out.
So we got that done today. I spent almost an hour in the car waiting for my father to deal with the bank thing. I did a lot of waiting today, but I managed to get my package into the mail, so that's great!
I also hit up the Christan Second Hand store today (also closed yesterday). I didn't get a whole lot there. The toy section was still totally decimated. I saw a naked Barbie and a naked Skipper (with a severely cracking neck), but that was the only fashion doll related things there, and those were there a while ago too. I did manage to find an interesting pattern though. It's a doll one, but not for any dolls I own. It's McCall's 8125, for Tiny Tears, Babykins, Ginette, Baby Winkie, Pebbles, Betsy Baby, Baby Sue, Baby Buttercup, Janie, Sweet Sue, Pretty Penny, Pattaburp (what an adorable name!), Bettina, Susie Sunshine, Binnie, and others. Here's the information from the back of the envelope courtesy Vintage Sewing Wiki; "Baby and Toddler Dolls Handknit AND Fabric Wardrobe - This one pattern includes 3 sizes ... small (9 inch), medium (12 inch) and large (17 inch)...Included are patterns AND knitting instructions in 3 sizes for fabric dress and panties, handknit sacque and cap with embroidered flowers...handknit pants, sweater, sox and cap...handknit hooded sweater and mitts, fabric bib-top pants which can be worn over shirt...fabric nightie and handknit bunting...fabric shirt and diaper, fabric or handknit blanket. c. 1965"
I don't own any of the dolls listed above, but if the pattern is complete and I have the 17" doll sizes, it might be able to fit Chatty Cathy. I just bought it because it was a quarter, and I buy all the doll patterns I can find, even if I don't own the doll now, I may end up with something of that size eventually. I haven't pulled it out of the envelope but it does seem to have a lot in it, and what I saw looks to be uncut. I also bought this terrifying cow doll thing... It's really hideous. I bought it because it was a dollar and came with a stand, and that's a good price for a stand. I thought I might be able to use it's clothes for something, but they're glued onto the cow doll, and it would be quicker to make something that actually fits than fight to take off these. It's a tiny bit of a shame, I kind of like the jumper. Not really sure what to do with the stand, turns out it's a bit shorter than Barbie, it would work out height wise for Skipper, but it's for a wider waisted doll. I bought it for Ken, but it's too short. I guess I'll have to hold onto it for another day.
I also hit up Hobby Lobby while out. I had been there yesterday to check to see if they had any tulle left since their Christmas stuff was now at 80 percent off. None left whatsoever. But I still have plenty of tulle to keep me busy, good thing I bought it earlier. So I wasn't looking for it today, but I still checked out the Christmas section, call be opportunist if you must. I ended up picking up a couple things from there. First this small Lego clone police set. My brother still likes Legos (as do I), so I thought he might like it. He also hates off brand Lego stuff, so I know he won't be thrilled with it. I just figured that for 80 cents he might have some fun with it, so I got it. I wasn't sure if it fell under the Christmas stuff since it's just a toy, but on the back of the box it says "Christmas 2011", so I took my chances. It was the only one left in the store, so if I didn't get it, I missed my opportunity. It was part of the clearance section, and like I said above only cost me 80 cents! It's already wrapped for him.
I was also bad, so very bad in the Christmas section. I bought this:
Did you see it? It's a Cinderella figurine. I'm a huge Disney fan, and she's my favorite character and Princess. I saw this yesterday, and thought about getting it, but when left without getting anything she was quickly forgotten. She was the only one left, and for a figurine without any breaks and chips I was shocked to see her still there today. I picked her up, and decided to think about getting her. I must have made up my mind because I made it all the way to the checkout with her still in hand. I only paid four dollars for her, on sale from her original twenty. Her sculpt is a little off model, (and her lower half is much bigger than her top half) but that's the nature of Disney. Only the really expensive collectable merchandise looks like the character model, sometimes. There's a lot of ugly stuff out there they churn out. This one looked decent, plus for only four dollars I got a nice Christmas decoration, and it's Cinderella, CINDERELLA! And the only one left, I couldn't just leave her there, I'm not totally heartless. I'm going to find somewhere to put her for our upcoming Christmas.
I also hit up the sewing section, my main purpose for actually being in Hobby Lobby. They had their brand of sewing notions on sale this week. They just started stocking this after their most recent sewing section overhaul. I was able to pick up 72 snaps for 2.59, which is amazing. And they're all the silver ones, not like the half silver and half black sheets that Walmart sells. Since I'm cutting Walmart out of my life, (haven't been there in weeks!) this was a much better alternative. Even if I was still shopping at Walmart, these are still a much better buy. I won't need snaps for a while now, but I know where to find them, they just have to be on sale first!
I also picked up some ribbon on spools (also on sale). First I picked up this thin gold cording. I bought it for Joe's Christmas costume. Yes, I still owe him one, I'm just holding off getting it for him until after I get him his new body. And I'm in the process of saving up for that. But once he's on it, he's getting a new costume made for him, even if it's July. I think I have all the supplies I need now, so I'll be able to get to start working on it the moment he's been upgraded. I also picked up this wide turquoise ribbon. It's for a project that I'm seriously thinking about making. I'm on the fence about it, but I did scout out supplies for it today. I'm not going to share what it is yet (in case I don't make it) but I needed this type of ribbon, and it was on sale, and it was the last spool in the store. If I didn't get it and someone else did, who knows how long I'd have to wait until they restocked? I figured that I should get it now, and be safe, and if I end up not making anything from it, then I can use it for some other application. Even if I just use it to wrap presents or something, or use it to play with the cats.
I also picked up some gold tissue lame. I got a half yard of it. (P.S. At this point, guess who's hands were getting super full? The person who thought, "I'm only getting a few things, I don't need a basket." Luckily I'm pretty good at holding multiple things at the same time, I only dropped one thing, that that was the small ribbon spool.) This too is for that potential costume, but I do have another use for it. I want to see how that looks as a dress similar to the pink one I just did. I also got some gold metallic thread for it. I figured that I'm going to need it for at least three projects, (potential project, gold dress, and tacking down the gold ribbon on Joe's costume) I might as well get it now, plus it's so shiny, and I do like shiny things! It was an expensive Hobby Lobby week this week.
For my goal for the month of cleaning out that bag for today, it was a small amount of things to leave the bag. I just cleaned two Barbie legs from it. One of them was one that was covered in marker from some child's art project. I scrubbed it, and it did remove some of it, but a lot of it is still left. I'm not sure what to do with it, but at least it's clean and out of the bag. Maybe some of that acne cream will help? These both are now added to the parts box. Fun times!


  1. hey my friend..I hope you had a good Christmas..I been away a while but i am back and I enjoy reading your blog. Yes it was very cold this week..I been home all week from work with bronchitis..I get that every year. Thanks for the Christmas card at first i did not know what you meant by "plastic friends"..finally I got it..a bit slow these days..I am thinking about resurrecting my blog..it seemed I was a little unfocused before about what to share and not to...take care!

  2. Hello James!
    Sorry to hear about you having bronchitis, my mom's prone to that, not fun stuff at all. I'm glad you got my card, thank you for yours as well.

    I would sure like it if you brought back your blog. Sometimes it takes a couple false starts before it really takes it's footing. This isn't the first blog I've started, but it is the first one I've stuck with!