Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Good News/Bad News, Good News/Bad News

The USPS website finally updated Joe's new body delivery date from the clearly wrong date of the 7th. Just took them several days after that day to roll it over. Not to be difficult, but shouldn't something like that be automated? Unfortunately, it was updated to arrive on the 10th (Tuesday), not the 9th (Monday), even though it was in Greensboro on the morning of the 7th (Saturday). I honestly could have gone to Greensboro over 84 times since Saturday until the following Tuesday to pick it up in person. But that's not even an option. Luckily I didn't have to wait much longer, it came in the mail on the 9th. And good thing I did, if I had to wait longer I would have been livid. I know I should be patient, but it's so gosh darn hard. But I don't drink or smoke, so I figure that I'm allowed some bad habits. So he arrived on Monday, and in an ironic note I wasn't able to get to him right away. It was still Monday when I opened him, but it wasn't until the evening that I was tearing open the box to free his new body.
I don't believe I shared with you the detail's about Joe's new body. I was switching him from his old "In the Past Toys" body (with the broken hand and the chicken legs) to "ACE"'s MK-1 Body. I bought Joe's original body upgrade after doing a lot of online self research, but this time I found a forum; One Sixth Warriors whom I bugged the crap out of people by asking lots and lots of questions. They were all really helpful. I ended up picking the MK-1 Body, becasue it kept a lot of the body changes that I liked from the first body swap (removable hands, lots of arm joints, much more flexibility), but got rid of a lot of the problems I had with it (the chicken legs, the thin waist, the weirdly low crotch, the long feet). Honestly had I known this body was out there, I would have just switched him to it, and not gotten the ITPT's body. This one felt a lot closer to his original body, but with better articulation, and removable hands so he could wear more shirts. (That was a major annoyance with his old body).
I wasn't able to put him directly on his new body at first, before that I had to remove the original head and neck from the new body. It was cheaper to buy the figure nude with the head and neck than just the body. Go figure. I was able (with the help of my brother), unscrew the neck, remove it. It came with a neck, but I couldn't use it since Joe's head was a different type. This new body was like a Barbie body with the head and neck totally separate, Joe was like (non Fashionista) Ken dolls where part of his neck was molded onto his head. I'd need to use an adapter to attach his head to the new body. I was hoping the use the one that I was using for his old body, but the knob on the body was too small for the opening in the adapter. It could rest on it, but wouldn't hold. I asked the forum again for guidance, and got some advice, but nothing that was a perfect fix. Eventually I just sewed some tan felt around the neck knob. This made it thick enough to hold the neck adapter, and pose with it. His neck's a little short, so that might make making shirts a little difficult. Also his head is prone to falling off. I mean I can hold him upside down and it won't fall off, but it comes off super easily. I've had several times where his head just fell off and rolled across the room. But, the important thing, he's attached to his new body! Goodbye chicken legs, low crotch, and broken hand!
Hello to a new round of issues! I was quick to pull out my Ken clothing bag and start trying stuff on him. I started with the clothes that I made specifically for Joe. The bad news, nothing fit, so I'm going to have to remake it all. The good news, there's only like four outfits so it won't take too long to redo his wardrobe. It's not like it's Charlotte's wardrobe. She's going to be stuck with a belly button body forever since I'm not remaking everything I've already made for her. Sometimes it's not fair being favorite. Anyway, back to Joe. After finding out that most of his usual clothes are going to be a wash, I started looking through the bag. Sadly most of the clothes in the bag didn't fit either. Joe's new body has some meaty (amazing) thighs. He also has a pretty well defined backside. I was warned of these things, but it didn't deter me, quite the opposite. I do think Joe looks better thicker, it's just going to be rough on finding pants that fit. Most of the ones I had didn't go over his thighs, or if they did, they didn't close in the back. I had one pair of pants that were wide enough to fit, but it came up really short on him, so they weren't perfect. I had the most luck with pants that had an elastic waist. But they still weren't perfect. I guess I have a lot of pants making in my future.
I did have better luck with shirts. I had several different ones that fit. The biggest issue with those were the fact that his arms are now much longer and they wouldn't be long enough. Most shirts I could see the ball joint that is his wrist. But if the shirt was short sleeved it looked better. But I still have to make him some shirts, since I have a couple new outfits planned. So that's more pattern adapting that I've got to do.
I was actually really shocked to find out how many shoes Joe can wear now. Sadly, it's less than before. Remember how I said his old body's feet were too long? Well, now his feet are too wide. Joe's feet are now much more realistic in terms of shape (he even has arches). He has a wider toe section, which sadly Ken does not. So that means most of the shoes I had were too tight to get his foot all the way in. Even his old shoe wardrobe doesn't fit anymore. His black rubber dress shoes still fit, but his white sneakers (actually 80's Ken ballet slippers) are too tight. I think that eventually I'm going to have to invest into a shoe wardrobe for him. I think a pair of sneakers, some dress shoes, some slippers, and boots. I think that's a decent selection to chose from that will work for every type of outfit that I'd make. I just need to figure out the best place to get them from (and the cheapest).
So, overall I'm really pleased with this new body and am happy that I finally upgraded Joe. I just wish more shoes fit him. I can make him clothes, not shoes. Speaking of making clothes, I have a lot of pattern making in my future. It's not my strongest suit, so wish me luck.
Joe and I are going to need it!

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