Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Years Everyone!

I hope everyone had a safe and fun ringing in of the new year. Quiet night here last night, my father's working this weekend, so it's been a quiet weekend over all. So no real celebration, but I still have some resolutions for myself this year, and for the collection.

My personal goals are;
1. Get back into writing
2. Work more on exercising
3. Start being better about replying to people who leave comments on the blog (I know I've been terrible about this)

And my focus for the collection will be;
1. Get another ponytail Barbie
2. Get another Integrity Toy doll (heads do count)
3. Add another doll to the Malibu Gang

Let's see which of these (if any) happen!


  1. I hope you meet all your goals. I have set some for myself and hope to do them all.

    I see that a few posts I commented on the posts are gone..hmm. Darn blogspot.

  2. Thanks, good luck with your goals too.

    That's so weird your comments are missing, I mean I did read all the comments when I saw them, but I'd never delete any of them. Blogspot can be weird like that.