Thursday, January 5, 2012

I can't think of a "clever" title for this

First thing this morning I confiscated Joe's shoes. I decided that I'm going to be removing a piece of his clothing once per day in anticipation for his new body arriving. Think of it like an advent calender, mixed with some beefcake. I might be starting this a tad early since I just bought the body last night and he only has about three more pieces of clothing left until he's nude, but if his body doesn't arrive by then I'll just dress him in something different and start again. This is really just for my own amusement, just like most of the things I blog about.
I also started to play around with that gold paper lame I bought the other day. I really didn't love with the project that I started with it, but I wanted to see how difficult it was going to be to work with. Plus I was curious to see how that metallic gold thread was going to work with the sewing machine. I ended up quitting rather early when I ran into trouble, but that wasn't the fault of the fabric, it was some pattern issues. The fabric and thread were okay to work with. Certainly not the easier to sew with, but not impossible. I think that if I do decide to make that project that I bought it for, I'll be able to get it to do what I want it to. (Could that sentence be anymore confusing?) I'm just pleased that sewing with it wasn't a total failure. I have confidence that I can work with this fabric. I'm going to have to be careful, it does fray like the dickens!
Once I gave up on that I realized that I needed to do another round of "put the stuff away that I've been working around since I couldn't be bothered to put it back originally". I managed to clear off and organize a lot in the room. I was even able to straighten up the dolls on the bookcase. We've had several dolls fall over, or get moved for one reason and never put back, or random things placed on the bookshelf where they shouldn't be. But no more, I fixed most of the disorganization. It even motivated me to finish up the blue jacket that I started a while back. It was for the brunette ponytail, and she was out of line since she was trying it on, but I hadn't gotten around to finishing it up. So I did that in order to get her back into where she belonged. I just had to do several seam reinforcements, but I did have to sew both inside seams again. But it's done, and this jacket is much better technique wise than her previous one. I'm glad I finished it, it looks good on her. Although it does pose a question, now that my sewing is better, am I going to go back and redo all of my previous projects? Because that's a lot of sewing, and I do not want to do that! Maybe a couple things here and there, but certainly not everything!
I also worked on my sister's Christmas present. I decided to make her and her husband's present since I can't find anything to my liking. I was going to make them two felt bear Christmas ornaments with a bride and groom motif. I'm even planning on having them each have half a snap sewn to them so they can hold hand, really it's very cute. I've made these before, and while it takes forever (it's all hand sewn), they are very popular. I started making one, and had issues. Over time the pattern has evolved into something that I think is rather homely. I made an almost complete bear before I decided that I hated it, and needed to work on the pattern some more. So I did that, and started making another bear. This one's cuter, but still missing something. I called it quits and decided I was done for the day. I'll let it ruminate with me for a while.
For my bag item for the day I fished out this doll head. I have no idea who she is. She's made by Frenzy Toys. She looks like a Bratz clone. I washed her, fixed her part line, and brushed her hair. I tried getting her neck knob out from her neck, but that thing wouldn't budge. It ended up getting stuck inside her head. And it can stay there for as much as I care. I don't really care for this doll. So if anyone wants her, please contact me and she's yours. I just ask if you live overseas you chip in a couple dollars for shipping. I should point out she'd had a hair cut, but she still has a decent length left if you decide to even it out. I hope someone wants her, otherwise into the trash she goes.

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