Thursday, January 19, 2012

I'll take one of everything, just wrap it all up!

I struggled to find the enthusiasm to work on any projects today. Yesterday I managed to force myself to finish that Skipper dress, but today I couldn't muster up anything like that to even touch any of the projects that I have kicking around. It's just that none of them really inspire me. None of them are really turning out that successfully, and I'd rather be doing something that actually inspires me, compared just working on until it's finished and I'm unhappy with the final results. I've been having a lot of those projects lately.
And while I didn't have any desire to work on anything that I started, I actually had a couple projects that I wanted to do, but not the supplies for them. And whatever I had the supplies for I didn't have the desire to do anything with. But really, that's often the case I find. Luckily I was able to go out today and get some supplies, so I could finally start working on these projects, and stop shuffling around aimlessly.
The fabric section was where I did the most damage to my wallet, like normal. The only place that I really shop in that store is the jewelry section, and I believe that I haven't bought anything there since I was working on Vanessa's original outfit.Today I was in the fabric section picking up several specific things, for about three projects that I wanted to work on. I had some of the things I needed already for them, but needed bits and pieces for each of them. First up the fabrics. I picked up a half yard of this pink floral calico. I'd seen it several weeks ago and really liked it, but couldn't think of a project for it, so I left it. I found a use for it (possibly for Midge), so I got some today. I also picked up a half yard of some bright green calico. I bought this fabric before, back when I was trying to dress Malibu Barbie. It didn't work out, and I used up all I had originally on several failed projects, but needed it again and what small piece I had left wasn't enough, so I had to buy it again. Here's hoping this one works out better than that last piece. I never managed to make anything from it that ended up in the collection.
I also got some more tulle. Not black and white since I still have plenty of that for the moment. I haven't even finished off my small white spool I bought way back when (and I have been working on it). This time I got a half yard of this rose pink and two yards of this baby pink. They're both for the same project, so I hope they work out. They are pretty. For some reason I've been liking tulle more and more.
I also found myself in the trim by the spool section today. It was all half off, so I ended up being a bit more naughty that I should have been. I was looking for some silver trim for one of the projects. I managed to find this silver glitter ribbon, which was perfect for what I wanted. I also picked up this silver polyester trim, not really sure what to call it. It's a metallic trim, and to me looks a lot like metallic leather. I also got that in gold too, although it doesn't look that much different than the silver, it's just slightly more yellow in color.
And finally I picked up some more metallic thread, silver this time. I guess this trip was all about the metallics. I got gold last time, but now I needed silver, so I picked up a spool. This is what I used my 40 percent off coupon on. But even with that I ended up spending over 15 dollars on supplies! What a crazy expensive trip. I'm going to have to start being better about spending all that much in one trip. I just hope it's all worth it.
Sadly it's not going to be quick to prove if it was worth it or not. I worked on two projects today after I got the supplies, and they were both terrible failures.
Like the only thing they didn't do was spontaneously burst into flames.
Yeah, that bad...

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