Monday, January 16, 2012

I'm Back!

Yes everyone, I have returned (in case you missed the title of this post). I know you're just thrilled. Yes, our make up Christmas is over, the house was clean, and I now have a free moment to actually get back to what's important, spending all my time thinking about me, doing projects for me, and spending money on me. Like I said, the important stuff.
I will say that during my brief hiatus, I did miss blogging, but I had no energy and no mood to be writing anything. I do however have a couple posts planned of things that I want to share with you all that happened during my week. (How come the week I take off I have several actually interesting things happen that I need to share with you all???) But those will come later, I'm working on them slowly. This post a a brief (famous last words) recap of Fauxmas.
It was a good day, in my opinion, or at least I had fun. It was an early morning, I was up and running by eight in order to get the turkey into the oven and started. I did manage to burn myself doing that, but it's not really a holiday unless someone gets hurt. It's a small spot on my left pointer finger, it hurt mostly at first, then eased into only hurting when I touched it by accident. I just hope it doesn't leave a scar. I have enough of those already. After the Turkey was in the oven I worked on finishing up cleaning the house. Doing a final sprucing up, and sweeping the floors that seem to manage to get dirty the moment you leave the room. I also set up the tree and some other decorations in the morning. When you're living with three naughty kittens (although they're not much kittens anymore), and Waffles (who does try to nibble on the tree) setting up a tree any earlier is a recipe for disaster. Even just one day I had to stay locked to the tree with a squirt bottle to keep them from knocking it over, the pests.
By noon (the preset get together time), the house was clean, the tree was up, I was dressed and ready for company. Except there was no company. Guess who was running late? So much for getting here at noon, which was the time they set. They didn't get here until almost one, which was the time we planned for dinner. So when they arrived, they only had a few minutes before sitting down for dinner. I was in charge of most of the meal, so (brag alert) the timing for everything was much better than Thanksgiving. The turkey still made it to the table first, but there was less time before everything else was done too. So we sat down and had a nice family meal. After dinner we opened our table presents. I got some Barbie shoes and bags. It wasn't a surprise since I picked it out and wrapped it. But at least I liked what I got, right? I picked them up at the Antique store earlier in the week for this purpose. I went there before to get them, but decided against them, because I couldn't think of a use for them, then after we left I realized that they could work for two of Charlotte's outfits. So I went back later and got them, but the surprise was on me, none of them fit her. I guess they're all for the older rubber foot dolls. Also one of them was broken, which if the seller knew was pretty bad for them to not disclose, but I can fix it, it's just a hassle.
Anyway, after dinner (but before dessert) we went to open presents, finally! In my stocking were some more shoes and bags (I bought a small bag and split it up into two present to make it more cost effective), plus two hair things... I think the flowered hat is a nightcap, but I could be wrong. If anyone recognizes anything feel free to point it out. Here's a picture of them, I think everything is early 90's, maybe late 80's. Not really sure of that, it's not my era... well it was my childhood era, but not collecting era. I also got this bag of random Barbie water accessories. It was a total impulse buy, and I doubt I'll ever really use any of it, but it was a quarter over at American Surplus and Supplies and my father was placing an order already. (If you've never been to A.S.&S. it's worth a look, it's a company that sells random, sometimes unusual stuff at a discount.) I actually forgot I asked for it, so it was a bit of a surprise seeing it.
From my sister I got these two dolls. They're from TY, and they look to be Kelly clones. I actually looked at the Hello Kitty doll a week or so at Hobby Lobby and decided not to get it, and I ended up getting it as a present! Pretty funny. She also gave me "Trendy Taylor", because that's her name. They're pretty cute dolls, although I noticed that their shoes are molded onto their feet. Not a fan of that. I think I'm going to keep these in their box, because they look so pretty in it. Besides I can always debox them later if I choose to do so. But that's not also what she gave me, she also gave me this Barbie book! It was printed in 1994, and has large pictures of Barbie outfits broken down into clothing types (outerwear, career, etc.) ranging from 1959 to 1989. It's a fun book and really interesting to flip though. The cover's ripped, but a little tape can fix that. I'm sure it's used, but other than the cover is in good shape, plus I'm sure it's out of print. It's a fun book to have, I really like what my sister got me! I was surprised she got me three different things, I would have been more than happy with just the book.
There were also some more small things I got, but I won't bother sharing since they're not doll related. It was a lean year this year, which was okay with me, I don't need to get a million things to be happy. This final one was sort of not a true present since I actually bought it myself, but it arrived in the mail on Saturday, and I wanted something big to open on Christmas. I technically could have opened Pierre on Christmas, since he was my Christmas present, but I couldn't wait when he arrived. I would have been waiting weeks for him, and I couldn't do that. This one was just a day, and I figured I could do that. What I opened was a new (to me) TNT Flip Barbie. I found her online for a decent price, and bought her. She arrived on Saturday, just in time for Christmas. I ended up taking her pictures after she got a scrubbing and hair reset, so she didn't arrive looking like this. I have to do an introduction post for her later. To quote my mother when I showed her after she was done, "I didn't think that was the same doll.". So really, not that many presents, but what I did got, I like and plan on using. My presents were well received too. I made my Mom tear up when she opened her angel. So I think everyone was happy with what they got.
After dinner we had dessert. We had more cheesecake mousse, and some chocolate fondue. For the fondue we had rice crispy treats, marshmallows, pretzels, graham crackers, and Welsh cakes (which are like sweet pancakes) for dipping. It was all very good, but nobody could eat a lot since we all had a lot of dinner. My brother-in-law (still weird to type) liked the cheesecake mousse a lot, so much that they asked for the recipe. I've already sent it to them, since it's so easy to make and really helps fill that cheesecake craving.
After dinner we all sat down for a long game of Apples to Apples. Not sure if anyone is familiar with it, but it's a game that all of my family enjoys. We don't play it like you're supposed to, we play until the cards run out. My Mom ended up winning with the most cards at the end, with several people coming close. I technically lost with the least amount of cards, but I don't care, it was just fun playing. When the game was over my sister left. It was late and she had a long day the next day. My brother-in-law ended up taking some turkey home with him, so I guess it was decent enough to eat again.
After they left, I took down all the Christmas decorations. Can't leave them up with the kittens. That went pretty fast since there wasn't too much to take down and everyone was helping. Even though it's way past actual Christmas time, when I shut the door on the Christmas closet for the final time, it was really sad. Christmas was over, and it's time to get back to humdrum reality/winter.

Sad face for that!

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