Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Making Joe's pants... again

I went out shopping again today. Want to know what I got? A spool of white thread. I'm super close to finishing off the spool I'm using, and without it I'd be at an absolute standstill for several projects. It is the thread color I use the most. (It just goes with everything!) So I went out and picked up the biggest spool they had at Hobby Lobby and even used the forty percent off coupon on it. And that's all I got there. Which proves that I step foot into that store and not grab everything in sight. I did look at some silver glitter tulle, but it wasn't on sale this week and I wasn't willing to spend four dollars to get a roll of 25 feet when I only really need like a foot of it. That project that I need that for can wait until it's back on sale. Even the dolls have to feel the pinch of a economy, and my thrifty ways... sometimes.
In an ironic note want to know what I didn't use today, white thread. Instead I ended up with a project that I was using black thread for, another pair of Joe pants. Since the other day making him pants was such a success I've been thinking about what other pants that he could use in his wardrobe. I know that I said I wasn't going to make him anymore pants, but you all should know by now how I love to contradict myself in the blog. Now that he's got a body that I really like I want to build him a decent starting wardrobe. And since I have a decent pants pattern, I figured that where I should start.
I picked out some black linen material that I bought in a lot of odd fabrics recently. Joe kind of still fits the suit he used to wear, but it doesn't close all the way in the back. I figure that I should make him his own decently fitting suit. Really dreading making the jacket however. Anyway, I saw down to make him pants. They went together okay, I had ironed out most of the big kinks in making these when I made the jeans. But I ended up screwing up. I ended up taking in far too much in the thigh area. For some reason the jeans had more give than this new fabric. And to make matters worse, I stupidly trimmed the inseam before I tried them on him after taking the thighs in. They fit him, but barely, and he really couldn't move his legs when wearing them. I was such not a happy camper when that happened. So now I have a pair of pants that are too small for Joe, but swim on everyone else. I'm not really sure what to do with them. I guess they can go live in the unfinished project box until I'm ready to throw them out, just not right now, it's still too soon.
After that huge setback I was pretty mad, but I didn't stop. Instead I made the pants again, making sure that I did not do that again. I even fixed a couple things that I had messed up in the first pair, so they are technically better as well actually fit him. I didn't actually get around to finishing them, but I know I will eventually. So no picture until that actually happens, and I wouldn't hold my breath for them anytime soon. I'm not feeling terribly motivated on them at this point.
Sorry Joe!

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