Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Making Progress? NOPE!

My second day back from after Christmas, and I'm having a little difficulty getting back into the swing of things. Part of the problem is that with my week of hardcore cleaning I got severely backlogged in projects, and in stuff. I managed to totally neglect the upkeep in my own room. When I was done cleaning elsewhere in the evenings sometimes I would work on some projects of my own but never finished anything, and never putting anything away that I took out. I was just too tired to really care. In my small work space any clutter really shows, and is a real pain to work around. So today, I found myself lost in a swarm of supplies, and nothing I was using at the moment.
Even with the pressing issue of everything in my way, and nothing in it's place I still didn't feel like putting in some real time cleaning it. I also had several other projects that I was working on at scattered about the room. Unfortunately I didn't have one that really spoke to me. Most of them are things that I wanted to see how they worked out in practice compared to in my head, and so far none of them pleased me. But I wasn't so displeased to scrap any of them... yet. Instead of picking one to work on, I did the typically foolish thing I tend to do. Instead of focusing my time on something and making actual progress, I fractured my time and spent my day moving from project to project. Spending a little time on each, and switching when I got bored, which was often. I really didn't make progress on anything when I do that. Yet, I keep doing it. Sometimes I am a creature of (bad) habit.
One project that actually managed to make some progress in was Joe's pants pattern. I have been working on and off with it quitting whenever I get super frustrated, which is often. I started with a Ken's pants pattern, adapting it and adjusting it as needed, which if often. I was on pattern attempt five last night. The test piece came out... okay for this one. But when I cut out the pattern in the better fabric the inseam was way off. Like really, really, really off, throwing off the leg hems really badly. At that point I was so frustrated I just gave up. I know that if I pressed the issue I'd get more annoyed and Joe would be the one to suffer.


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