Saturday, January 28, 2012

My Day with Joe

I'll start off with the bad news, another terrible sewing day. I made one quick attempt to sew something, it came out terrible, so I called it quits. I added it to the unfinished sewing project box for another day. That box is quickly starting to get full to the point of overflowing again. I'm going to have to start dredging into it and working on some stuff again, or learn to finally throw out the stuff I'm never going to actually finish, either one would work.
But even though I wasn't sewing, I was still working at my desk. Again I find myself lost in a sea of clutter. So for a bit I worked on clearing off the piles of stuff that ended their journey on my desk, always getting in my way, and never being what I needed. I got a pretty decent amount of it cleaned, and even managed to get a small box off it entirely. It was full of random Barbie fake food and I didn't know where to put it so I temporarily stuck it on the corner of the desk. That was a good six months ago. Today I stuck the stuff from the box into a bag, put it with the other random Barbie miniatures (hopefully one day to be used in a dollhouse) and gave the box back to my mother. Something else is already in it's place, and it was never prime real estate, but that particular thing is done and off my desk. Progress is progress. I'm sure things will pile up again soon, I am a creature of habit in that aspect, but for at least now it's cleared off (somewhat). I still need to figure out a place to keep Joe's old wardrobe as I remake it to fit his new body. Right now I've been keeping it all together, but as I remake certain pieces I put the original ones away, but this is a far from ideal situation. It's a bit of a jumbled mess, with everything tossed together rather haphazardly. Perhaps I need to split it up into two piles, remade, and to be remade. I just need to figure out where everything's going to go. Now that the desk is cleaner, I want to keep it that way!
While on the topic of Joe, I did spend some time with him today. I had some of his older clothes to put away in the Ken bag. Since I had the bag out I decided to sort through it again and check and see if I had anything else that would fit him. Since I already knew what was going to be a wash (All pants), I was able to pick through and find a couple of shirts that might fit him. Or, find some shirts that sort of fit him to use as a guide for pattern making to make him some shirts of his own. I actually managed to find a couple shirts that almost fit him, and one shirt that actually does fit. Usually if they're stretchy they fit, but fall too short on his arms. The one shirt that fit him was a gray long sleeve t-shirt that came off a Myscene boy doll. I bought it for the clothes, but everything was too long for the dolls I had, but I still kept them. It's a good thing I did, now Joe finally has a shirt. And among the shirts that almost fit was one that was cotton with a collar and snapped in the front. That one's going to be a real help when I finally get around to working on making him some shirts. Which I will get to... eventually.
But it wasn't all fun and games when I was trying on shirts. I had a major issue come up when I was trying on stuff. Joe's neck is just too short. I was hoping that my cheap fix was going to work out, but it doesn't seem to be the case. It looks fine when he's shirtless, but the moment you add anything with a collar he becomes super stump necked. If I left him as is, he wouldn't be able to wear many shirts, which is fine by me, but I'm sure he'd get pretty chilly, plus he couldn't accompany Charlotte to all those fancy places she goes. I guess I'm going to have to get him a longer neck. The reason I've been holding off is because the perfect solution just isn't out there for what I want. Joe only needs a slight rise for collars, I've seen lots of figures with these bizarre giraffe necks, and I very much do not want that for Joe. Also I'm going from one type of neck peg, to a head post, I'm not really sure they make something that goes from one to the other. I already have an idea of a fix. It's going to take a bit of work, and isn't ideal, and he's going to have to sacrifice all neck movement, but it's what I'm going to have to do. I'm willing to make some compromises to keep him on this body.
But I'm really not pleased with how adding some slight neck height chances his proportions. Before with his shorter neck it made him look slightly stocky, which I liked. But when you add mere millimeters to his neck it changes him to make him much more muscular. It's weird I know, but I liked how he looked when he was stocky. But I'm sure I'll eventually get used to it, it's what I'm willing to do in order to actually be able to have him wear shirts.
And at least now he should be taller than Charlotte (or at least equal height)! So that's a plus.

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