Monday, January 2, 2012

Out with the Old! (Not at all)

I've been doing a lot of thinking recently. I've been feeling a bit crowded in my room, not from dolls, but from all the unfinished projects that have been piling up. And I'm tired of it, starting something, but never completing it then it just sits around taking up space and collecting dust. I keep adding more and more stuff to the "to do" list, but never cross anything off of it.
So I'm going to fix that. I've decided that this year each month I'm going to focus on one project that I never finished from the last year (or later) and complete it. It will be my entire goal for the month. I can do other things, but I need to make sure that I get whatever I select done.
For the first month, I picked finish cleaning, organizing, and putting away the dolls from that random bag of stuff I bought late last year. I didn't even finish showing you guys everything that was in there before I put everything back into the bag and set it aside. It's been on the floor shifting from spot to spot. I'm not sure why I avoided it, maybe the daunting task of working on it was too much at the time with everything else going on, but not anymore. This month my goal is to empty that bag and put everything in it's correct place. The goal is to get at least one thing put away from the bag per day.
And so I started with that today. I did do some work with it already. But basically I just washed and brushed the hair of Free Movin' P.J. and Walk Lively Miss America and put them away. Today I turned my attention to Quick Curl Kelley. I'd been working on brushing out her tangled hair, but not very consistently. With the small wire that allows her hair to hold it's shape also giving her some serious tangles it was not an easy job. But today I sat down and brushed it out until I was able to pass my fingers through it easily. That took a while, I had to do it a small section at a time, but I managed to do it. It still looks a little frizzy and flyaway, but that's the best she's going to look. When I was done brushing I curled her hair trying to mimic her original hairstyle. It came out cute, I think. After that I stuck her into the egg crate with the rest of the bodiless heads. I had to squish her hair a little to get it to fit into the crate, but I'll fix it after I get a body for her. I hope to get her a body soon, but that might take a while, but she is out of the bag at least. That's a step in the right direction.
After that I wasn't done. I still wanted to go and make more progress in the stuff in the bag. I ended up offering a couple things from the bag to some of my Flickr friends, things that I don't collect, but they could use. I already heard back from one person. I offered her the Cher head and the pair of Mego legs from their 8" dolls. She actually identified the legs for me when I originally posted their picture. She accepted the head, but suggested to me that I try selling the legs on E-bay. I felt bad residing my offer, but she's the one that suggested it. I told her that I would list the legs on E-bay, and if they didn't sell that week, I'd send them to her. If they did, I'd still send her the head, but include something else. Haven't heard from the other person I messaged. She's a Dawn doll collector, and I have two Lesney(Sp?) doll heads. They're sort of Dawn sized, so I thought I'd see if she wanted them. Either way, that's at least two things from the bag that I've been able to find homes for.
But that wasn't everything that I was able to do with the bag today. I also pulled out the Mod Ken that was in there. He was almost in decent shape except his legs were broken off, and he was filthy. After deciding which legs in the bag belonged to him (There's three solo Ken legs in the bag), he got a bath. You would not believe the color of the water when I was washing him, it was disgusting. But he cleaned up so nice. He's got an eyebrow rub, and a small stain on one hand that wouldn't come off, but he looks so much better. If he didn't have that leg issue he'd be a really great conditioned doll. I just wish I knew how to get a new torso for him, with an upgrade, he'd be an amazing addition to the collection.
Oh well, I guess he's going into the parts box, when he's dry that is. (Or do you think it would be fine to display him as is?

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