Monday, January 16, 2012

Poor, Poor Midge

When I was out doing my last big Christmas shopping I ended up at one of the local Antique stores in the downtown area. I was there to pick up that bag of shoes/other stuff for my stocking/table present. While I was there I decided to stroll around in the upstairs section. Not really looking for anything, but you never know what you'll find. I went upstairs because that's where I usually find the prices I can actually afford. I don't think I've bought anything from the downstairs other than the dolls from the case, and that's a sometimes purchase (at best).
So I was strolling around rather half heartily, I had been there recently so I wasn't expecting to find much. One of the first booths I looked at was one at the top of the stairs. They have a lot of interesting stuff, including some vintage Barbie outfits. I've never purchased anything from this seller because they have the highest prices of all of the upstairs sellers, and a lot of the first floor sellers. But I still check in from time to time because they have a vintage Midge, and I always check in on the vintage dolls I know of just to see if they've sold. She's a brunette Midge with a mouse chewed face, so if I got her, she's be a body replacement for someone. I haven't gotten her because she's 28 dollars, which would be okay for a played with Midge, but not one with a face that really can't be saved. Anyway, I looked for her, and didn't find her. In fact the entire bin of dolls in that booth was gone (they're mostly early 90's dolls in really played with condition that the seller wants 20 each for them, plus Midge and a very dirty Superstar). I figured that the seller decided to take them home and put something else in that space, they have been there a while and I haven't seen any of them sell. You'd think that would be a hint they were priced to high, but that's just me.
Anyway, Midge wasn't there, like I said. I was wandering around the upstairs just looking around, not expecting to find anything. I did peek into the booth that I got that bag of random parts, but they didn't have anything new. I was walking down the center isle almost ready to head back downstairs and get that bag with the shoes and stuff when out of the corner of my eye I saw a familiar torso. It was on a short bookcase and was kind of peeking out. I could see that it was a vintage body, but couldn't see the head. I assumed it was the Midge from that other stall and she'd gotten put back in the wrong spot. But when I took her off the shelf, she was not the same doll. She was still Midge, but blonde. She had some issues I could see, but she didn't have a chewed up face. She had a price label around her neck, so I checked to see how much she was going for. And seeing what was written I almost dropped her. I couldn't believe my eyes. I did a quick recheck because I couldn't believe how much they wanted for her. It was shocking...



6.99 for her! I couldn't believe it. That's almost how much she cost originally, and this is almost 50 years later. I couldn't see what would justify her price being so low. I was sure that it was going to be some sort of issue and she was a much higher price. I even made my father look and make sure he saw the same price as I did. And he did (thank goodness!). And I got her! I had the biggest grin on my face for the rest of the day. I've had dreams where I find a doll at an amazing price but usually I wake up before getting them home.
And I did get her home, so I knew I wasn't dreaming. At home I could really assess her flaws. She's had a bit of a haircut, but not the usual kind. It looks like whoever cut it really just thinned it out. Her curls at the bottom suffered the most from it. She still has a decent amount, it's just not as thick as it should be. I have no plans to re-root her since A. I hate doing it, and B. her hair isn't that bad. So I, and Midge are going to live with it.
Midge is also missing her eyebrows. Like they are totally gone, except two minor dots of them left. It's weird because her eyes are perfect, and that's where I find the most wear happens on Vintage Midge's face. I really like how her eyes are painted. The light reflections in them are nicely even. She also has all of her freckles, which are cute. She's missing some of her lip paint, but there's enough left to give her a decent smile. I really like how she looks (minus the missing eyebrows). She has a really pleasant calm look on her face. I think she's going to fit in nicely here.
While her face has some flaws (but, don't we all), her body is stunning. There's a couple black marks that I couldn't get off on her legs, but that's the only real flaw. She has all her fingers, and all her fingernail and toenail polish. Really, a wonderful condition body. If this Midge was thirty dollars, I'd understand.
I can't believe she's mine, it still feels like a dream!
Now, on to dressing her...

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