Sunday, January 29, 2012

Put one cent in front of the other!

Still having those sewing troubles. And it's certainly not from lack of doll options, I have a bevy of people to choose from; Barbie, Ken, Skipper, Skooter, Ricky, Frankie, the list goes on, I'm not even limited by era, I have dolls from each one except the 80's. I'm just stuck plain and simple. Not much to do about that except hunker down and wait for it to pass and let the creativity start flowing again. I guess I shouldn't complain too much, I did just get to dress that Midge doll, and I do like how that turned out. I'm just not a fan of the long breaks in between these successful dressings.
Instead today I turned my attention to trying to find some inspiration online. Hoping to find something that would inspire me to sew again. I also did some searching for several Barbie project that I'm working on. I found myself on a new (to me) site that had dolls, and like usual I did a search for Barbie just to see what people are selling and for what price. And that's when I found it. It was hard to see when my pupils suddenly dilated from the sight of it. It was a lot of dolls, all vintage, and all that I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeded to have in the collection. There was just one problem, they were super expensive, for me anyway. They totaled to 400 dollars, which some people might think is a minor expense, but not to me. That is more than I've ever thought about spending on dolls before, much less on one fell swoop. I think that is about the same price that I paid for each shelf on my collection individually (if my 20 dollar per doll average is correct). But I really these dolls are worth it, and I broke it down, the dolls average to about 30 dollars each, and that's not including any clothes they come with. So I have decided that I'm going to start saving up for these dolls, a new long term goal. I'm going to start focusing on selling some things that I've been meaning to and saving up money to reach to be able to afford these dolls. Not more frittering away my cash the moment it gets into my hot little hands. It's going to take me a long, long, long time to reach that goal, so I'm sorry for being so vague on the details over these dolls, but while I love y'all like family, I need to remember that you are my competition. And what will take me many months to get these dolls, might be just in someone's doll budget, and I would be devastated I lost out on these dolls because I was just throwing around the information. But if I do get them, you all will be the first to know, and I'm sure you'll hear all about my finances until you're blue in the face and ready to throttle me to shut me up.
But it's going to be a long uphill battle, I hope you're prepared. Right now I only have ten dollars in the dolly funds. A small amount, but we have to start somewhere.
And think, I'm 1/40th of the way there!
Every little bit counts!

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