Friday, January 13, 2012

Some "dwelling" in the past

During my week of cleaning the house, while I was in a hiatus on blogging, I must admit, I wasn't taking a break from everything that I normally do. Yes, I got a chance to go out, and I eagerly took it since I was in dire need to get away from the monotony of cleaning. That was the trip that I was picking up the final Christmas stuff before the big day. While out I stopped into the local Salvation Army. I don't think I got anything (my memory's a little fuzzy), but I did notice that they had a sign asking for plastic bags.
At home I located several plastic bags. We used to use them shopping at certain stores (we save you money by not supplying bags, which we like!) but we upgraded to canvas bags recently (more Earth friendly), so we had some kicking around that we didn't need. Also, I do use them for a trash bag for my room, but with all the Christmas shopping that has been happening I've amassed a collection that would take me months to use, so I could certainly spare them.
The next day I got another chance to go out. We needed to pick up a couple of other things that had been missed, or not able to be located the day before. Since we were going to be in the area, we decided to bring the bags to the Salvation Army. In the parking lot I was asked if I wanted to go in and check inside. I thought we were just going to drop off the bags since we were literally there the previous day, but when the idea is put into my head, I couldn't say no.
So I went in, checking the craft section, then the toy section. In a weird note, those are the two sections I shop the most in, and they just switched their locations in the store, but only those two. The craft section was a bust. But in the toy section I saw a clear bedding bag with some Barbie housing in it. It looked familiar, and I had an idea of what it might be, but my knowledge in newer Barbie dwellings is very limited. I thought about if I should get it, but I had a strong enough hunch it was what I thought it was, plus it was only two dollars, so if I was wrong and it was something else I could resell it and get my money back, or just take the loss. I've spent more on less.
It was a jumbled mess in the bag, but I was able to take it out and rebuild it at home. Turns out what I thought it was, was correct. I had found the Myscene Party Pad! It was missing everything but the main structure (no furniture and the cardboard backing for the top part were gone), but I had the main thing, and that's what's important. This is the set that (non-Mattel) collectors like because it had a spiral staircase that looks really cool for their doll houses. Since they're not made anymore they've become a bit of a hot commodity. I thought they were interesting (perhaps a bit of Monkey see, Monkey do), but would never be willing to buy one for how much they go for. Like I've said, I'm cheap and rather spend the money on a doll than a circular staircase. But now I have one, and it only cost me two dollars!
One of the posts is broken, but I think a little glue will fix that. But I will say that I'm not too terrible impressed with the stairs. They look interesting, but they're very shallow. A real person wouldn't be able to walk down them. And the banisters are a little low, which isn't too shocking since Mattel has never been able to make a couch that was tall enough for Barbie to really sit in. Like I said it looks interesting, but it looks better in pictures. I did find out something interesting from it, it plays music and lights up. I guess I never saw that before because people just take the stairs and get rid of the rest of the "pad". There's a button on the top floor that when you press it plays a quick "techno" song, and some lights flash on the bottom floor. One of the bulbs on my is broken, but the purple light in front still works, as well as the one upstairs that lights up the bead curtain.
Right now I'm not really sure what to do with the Party Pad. For the last week it was set up on the floor while I was busy with Christmas stuff. I moved it onto my sewing chest (which it barely fits on top of) and that's where it's been living for the past couple of days. I have great dreams of bringing back the Barbie House of my childhood, but I know from practice that I'm really not a dollhouse kind of guy. Just tell that to the High School Musical school/house that's languishing in the attic and the fold up doll house that's stuck in the closet.
Right now I'm going to hold onto it. I'm not ready decide to keep it or not, and I'd hate to get rid of it and regret doing so. So for the time being it will stay on the sewing cabinet until I decide it can go somewhere else. The nude dolls that I've been waiting to dress have started gathering on it. I'm much more likely to put them back there than into the box I was putting them in before.
Perhaps it's going to become the "Naked Myscene Party Pad"?
Time will tell...
(Oh, I'd like to point out, that it came super dusty and I haven't had the time or the desire to dust it yet. I totally own up to my own dust, but not to someone elses.)

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