Monday, January 30, 2012

Talking Shop!

I hit the ground running today about starting to sell things in order to raise the funds to buy those dolls. I started with posting some dolls for sale over on the Doll page. I managed to get four dolls posted this morning. Don't worry these are not anybody you're familiar with. I'm not the type of person who's always selling their most recent purchase to afford the next greatest thing. I couldn't do that, the dolls in the collection are a bit more personal to me than that. The four dolls that I posted were dolls that I got and never bonded with, or ended up with somehow. I've been meaning to post them, but never really got the motivation to do so. I can be so lazy sometimes. But even if they don't sell right away, just getting them posted is a good thing. I mean, I have enough things around here that I do want, there's no need just holding onto stuff that I don't want, and if someone else wants them and they help me reach my goal, I'm fine with that too!

But wait, there's more! I also posted four vintage sewing patterns over on Etsy. I still have that box of them I bought a while back. I was good about posting them for a little bit, but once again my motivation fell short once it stopped being fun. It's just they're such a hassle to post. I have to take out all of the pattern pieces and check if they're all there and the condition, it's just such a nightmare unfolding them and trying to get them back into the envelope. Folding patterns back up is my own personal heck. But today I managed to get four of them posted, a personal best. Usually I peter out around three. I even was able to set up a system for filling out the write up, so I'll be able to do it quicker next time, and yes there will be a next time. I'm going to have to keep posting these suckers until I reach my goal. I have more of these than dolls, so they're going to be the main part of what I sell. But I can't sell them unless I post them first.

But wait there's more! I was even so motivated today that I even posted an E-bay auction. It was just a small lot of Barbie dolls in played with condition, nothing special, and nobody you're familiar with. I've been meaning to get rid of these dolls, but again, no motivation. I put them for a start bid of ten dollars with a buy it now price of 30. I doubt they'll go for much, but right now every little bit helps. Even if they just sell for ten dollars, that's one bit closer to my goal. So finger's crossed for that!

*Update* I've had something sell! It's one of the patterns that I posted over on Etsy! It's a vintage Butterick dress pattern. It only sold for 6.99, but that's 6.99 more than I had this morning. I hope this is a sign for a prosperous future!

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  1. I should've read this first. I hope your sales continue