Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Thawing Out

Was much warmer this morning. I woke up and didn't feel the urge the retreat back into my den and sleep until spring came. I was even able to post a few things for sale this morning online. I posted the cow doll over on Etsy (Now nicknamed Bessie and available for any altered art project!), and I also posted a displayed only Tracy Turnblad doll from the movie Hairspray. I've been meaning to post her, but finally took the time to do so this morning. Here's hoping somebody out there wants them, because they're just taking up room here, and I need all the space I can get.
I also went out again today. And let me tell you, so not worth the trip. I went out in order to pick up a couple small present that were still needed for Christmas. The thing I was looking for myself was gone, the thing I wanted for my brother in law was broken, and I couldn't even find what my Mom asked for. I wasn't asking for the moon, but it seemed like everything that could go wrong did. And I went all over town today trying to find stuff without any luck. You know what I ended up with today? A package of paperclips, and two little boxes. The little boxes are super cute though. They look just like bigger people sized storage boxes. I got two of them at Staples. They are a dollar each, they have bigger ones for three dollars, but I liked them smaller and cheaper. Not sure what Barbie is going to store in them, but she at least has the option if she chooses. I also got two boxes in colors for my Mom's table present (but don't tell her about that). She likes little boxes like that. I still have to wrap them.
I was a bit down after coming home. A trip that was so long and so unsuccessful can wear on you. I'm not sure if I told you, but we have planned our make up Christmas, it's going to be on the 15th. I still have to get table presents for everyone except my mother and my brother, and stocking presents for myself, my mother, and my father. I know it's a little bit of time away, but I was hoping that we would have things a little more prepared by this date. I guess I'll have to go out "hunting" again soon, honestly it's not like I have too much of a problem doing that usually!
I ended up buying something online today. I was looking at my Paypal funds, and I was still somewhat shy of what I needed to get Joe his new body, so I decided to ask my parents I could use some of the money that I was owed to cover it. They agreed, and sent me the money. I was finally able to buy Joe his body upgrade. Although getting it was with it's fair share of issues. They have a bit of a round about way to purchase using Paypal, so I thought I was supposed to contact them through the site to have them send me an invoice, turns out I'm supposed to go though the site and buy it, and on the very last page of the order click Paypal for payment type. That process isn't stated anywhere on the site. Also their shipping charges jumped up a dollar. I e-mailed them on November 23rd asking for a shipping quote I got a very blunt e-mail telling me that shipping would be 7 dollars. Today it was automatically 8 dollars. I was assuming that they would adjust it to 7 when they sent me my invoice, but it was still at 8. However they didn't charge me the Paypal fees they said they would on their site. So all in all I was charged fifty cents more than I was expecting. It's not a whole lot, but still! But honestly, I doubt that I'm going to shop there again, not that I'm so displeased with what happened, but because once Joe has his new body I can't think of anything I'd need from there. I hope this new body works out, I'm a little nervous it won't work or something. That would just be my luck.
For my getting something out of that bag goal, I washed all these arms. They're mostly 70's arms, one solo Living Barbie arm. I know that I have a torso that's missing one arm, and one that's missing both arms, but I have no clue what the rest came from. I guess that's just the mystery of the bag!

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