Tuesday, January 31, 2012

This may be more interesting than the past couple posts...

I kept up with my posting stuff for sale trend from yesterday. No dolls this time since I've posted all the ones I'm willing to sell yesterday. This morning I posted four more patterns over on Etsy. I've decided that I'm going to just bother posting women's patterns there, those tend to sell more than the few men's and boy's patterns I have. Today I posted a 50's cocktail dress, two 70's teen dresses, and one 40's smock pattern. Keep your finger's crossed that they'll catch someone's eye and they'll buy them.
In somewhat related news, we've had a minor setback in my savings... I bought something. To quote my mother, "Well, you held out a day.". *Sigh* Hurts, but she right. But in my defense, it's really not that bad. I only spent seven dollars, and it was for something I actually needed. I think I've mentioned this before, but I'm searching for a Living Barbie head to complete a Living Barbie I've been building (We can make her stronger, faster). I've had a couple false leads, and E-bay hasn't been much of a help, so in a final plea of desperation I turned to my Flickr friends to see if any of them had one kicking around in their head piles that they didn't need. One person said they would check their stash and get back to me, I kept my fingers crossed. And they had one! She has black hair (might have a haircut), but it looks a decent length from the photo they shared. She also has wonderful coloring. I'd post the picture, but I don't have their permission, and wouldn't want to cause trouble. Don't worry about not seeing her yet, because the momen she gets here I will be posting pictures, as well as doing an introduction post sharing how she came to be. It's going to be a bit more interesting than the usual one, she has an odd history. All that I was missing was her head, and now I've got one (coming)! I managed to get a really great price on it too, my friend only wanted five dollars for it, (plus shipping). Shipping was only 2 dollars, and it's already on it's way to me! I could have paid 4 and gotten tracking, but I figured that cheaper is the better way to go, especially when I'm trying to be frugal. So really, it's a minor setback, but something that I've been wanting to complete for a while, and now I can cross that off the list!
I didn't get back to posting pattern in the afternoon (although I probably should have). My eyes were starting to cross so I felt they needed a break from staring at a computer screen. Instead I did some sewing! Yay for doing some actual sewing! I hadn't planned on making anything today, but I found a fashion illustration on one of the patterns that I was posting for sale that I thought could work for a 70's doll. I looked over the dolls that still need to be dressed that are from the 70's, but didn't see one that I thought would really work with the dress, then I realized something, it could work for Living Barbie, and I already had her body so I can use that for fittings. I already figured out what patterns to use before I decided to make it today. I had a couple of issues, but it came out decently. Like usual the dress did some evolving as I worked on it, so it's not exactly like the source material, but I still like it. I didn't get a chance to finish it today, so no pictures, but I hope to get that done tomorrow, so once I do that I'll share pictures, as well as describe my process.
So until tomorrow then!

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  1. I'm glad you got that off your list. I can't wait to see what she looks like. I hope your luck continues with your selling phase.