Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Not to sounds like a broken record, but last night I had a terrible night's sleep. But at least it wasn't my usual troubles, this all came about from a small fur ball. One who spent at least an hour (or at least felt that way) howling outside my door wanting to be let in. I tried to ignore him, but he wasn't having it. He sat out there forever crying to be let it. And I couldn't let him in to just shut him up, if I did that who knows what he would have attacked while I slept. I have the entire collection to think about, and I can't protect them when I'm sleeping. This cat is one that I know I have to watch to keep out of trouble. I miss the days when it was just Waffles, who is too proud to beg to be let in for too long and Chester, who couldn't meow. Although, I do miss Chester in general. He was amazing.
Anyway, I decided early on that I was not going to do things like how I did them yesterday. That was really a waste of a day when I look back on it (although I'm sure I'll end up doing it again down the line). I decided that I was going to pick a project and work on it until I either finished it, or messed it up to the point I could throw it into the unfinished project box or the trash.
I selected a Skipper dress that I started sometime last week. I've been trying to dress the naked dolls that have been coming it, but really have not been having the most luck. This dress was inspired by something that I found online, but as I was making it, it kept changing until it really doesn't resemble what I started out making. I put it aside originally when I ran into some fit issues, but today I decided that I was going to get back to it. I had most of the dress constructed when I gave up when the bodice was really loose. I tried adding some darts to it, but I had to take off the skirt if I really wanted to make it the best fit. This did end up being for the best since the skirt wasn't hitting exactly where it should. But I'd much rather have things work out the first time than redo it. I fixed the fit issue and added the skirt again. I wanted to point out that this fabric came from my Grandmother. It was one of those clothing pieces that came from the attic that I took some of what she was going to throw out. This used to be a child's apron (that I have a theory that she made when she was learning to sew). It was ripped, so I was able to piece this together from the decent parts and give it a new life.
I also ended up taking out the machine sewed hem, and doing it by hem. I don't like doing that since it takes forever, but sometimes it looks better, especially when the machine messes up the stitching on the hem. I also added the bit of ribbon at the waist, after I fray checked it. I'm hoping that will make it last longer. I finished it up with the usual techniques.
I even went further than that with this outfit. I went and made a pair of matching bloomers to go under it. I did feel that the skirt was a little short and full. We are somewhat modest around here. (Just don't say that to all the nude dolls just hanging around). I got those finished today too, but when Skipper was wearing it I wasn't impressed. She's a mod TNT Skipper and this dress was just a bit too 50's. This was part of my hesitation for working on it, I knew it wasn't working. But in order to fully admit that it's not working and move on I had to finish it. And now it's in the spares bag for Skipper sized dolls and I'm back to the drawing board.
But at least I got something done, that should count for something, right?

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