Saturday, January 7, 2012

USPS are liars!

Joe's body was supposed to arrive today in the mail, according to the USPS website. I say supposedly because it never did. I knew that the odds were against me when I saw from their website that the package was in Greensboro this morning around 10:30. Really much too late for me to expect it here by the early afternoon. But still they didn't change their estimated delivery date, so I remained hopeful. But the mailman came and went without my package. Why does this always happen to me on Saturdays? Now I have to wait all day Sunday to get it on Monday (if I'm lucky). It's the the Murphy's Law of Mail. I'm just mad that the stupid delivery estimate hasn't changed, way to get my hopes of USPS, way to go. So unless they plan on driving it out to me it's wrong, wrong, wrong.
After that disappointing situation, I really didn't know what to do with myself. I was planning on spending my time switching Joe to his new body then pulling though my Ken clothing bag and seeing what I had that still fit him. I wasn't planning on doing any sewing unless I didn't have any pants that fit (there is a possibility of that). Since I didn't have him, I really couldn't do that, now could I? Instead I poked through the unfinished projects box again. But I wasn't really interested in anything that I saw. I did try to work on a couple of things, but my heart wasn't really in it, so I gave up. So not a whole lot to report.

For today's item in the bag we have this Barbie ballerina head. It just needed washing and brushing. Not really sure what to do with it. She falls under the Malibu guidelines, she's almost too new for the collection, but if I do add one, she'd have to be in great condition. She's in decent shape, but missing her crown, and body (and her hair ends are a tad fuzzy). Also she's way too similar to Mary Clair (also a former ballerina), just with white blond hair compared to honey blond. And without the forehead split that Mary Clair has. I think that she's going to go into the head crate with the rest of the ones from the bag, plus the ones I already had. At this rate I'm going to need another egg carton.
So many heads!

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