Monday, January 23, 2012

Welcome Fashion Queen

On last Wednesday I was trolling over on E-bay. I'm currently on the quest to find a Living Barbie head in order to complete one that I've been working on (but more about that when I finally finish it). I was doing searches for Barbie heads, hoping to find one that someone listed not knowing exactly what they had. There's actually a couple already available, but not at prices I'm willing to pay. I did however find something interesting, just not what I was looking for.
Someone had posted a Fashion Queen Barbie with a buy it now price of ten dollars plus shipping. While that was a really good price I was still hesitant about buying it. I really didn't want another Fashion Queen. Honestly, out of all the vintage dolls, I'd say she's my least liked. I mean, I'm not a fan of the bubblecuts because of their short hair, but at least they've got hair! All she has is painted on hair, and what's the fun in that? But still I couldn't walk away, she was such a good price and I'm addicted to a good price. I didn't buy her outright. Instead, I made the seller an offer for her, for seven dollars. I know, she was a good price at ten, but like I said, I kind of wanted her, but kind of not. This way I at least threw my hat into the ring to get her. And if someone else bought her before the seller got back to me, or if the seller declined by offer it would be over and done with and I could move on. After making my bid I went onto other things. I was expecting my offer to be rejected flat out automatically (had that happen before), but that never happened. So I waited. It was Friday morning before I got any reply. Apparently she accepted! The doll was mine, for seven dollars, plus five for shipping. I paid as soon as I learned I won, and the seller contacted me, thanking me, and telling me that the doll would get into the mail that very day.
And she did, the seller even included tracking information so I could keep tabs on my package. It was expected to arrive on Monday, and it did! I do like it when the post office doesn't lie to me (still sore about that last time). The seller did an amazing job packing her, she was in a box and everything. For what I paid I was expecting a envelope, and no tracking info.
I opened it up as soon as I got it. I was sort of aware of what to expect, but the write up wasn't very specific, and the pictures were a tad blurry. I already knew that she was missing a finger (I thought it was her pinky, but it was really her left pointer finger), and that the plastic around her ears was a bit darker than the rest of her (just slightly). What I was not expecting was her having neck splits. She had a small one on the back of her neck, and when I took her head off to look at that one, I noticed there was part of one starting on the front of the neck too. That was a little disappointing, but they were minor. I thought about contacting the seller about it, but for what I paid for her I should be grateful she's in the condition she's in. I ended up gluing them, so she should be all fine now, as long as I'm careful.
But I was in for a nice surprise about her. Her body? It's a Barbie only body with a small neck knob. Her body pre-dates Midge's introduction into the line. (Which is kind of sad because that means a ponytail doll lost her head for this Fashion Queen, and I would have killed for a ponytail doll at that price). But it's in really nice shape. Other than the missing finger, there's a few scratches and dents, one pen mark, and the arms are a bit swingy, but it's in a really decent shape. Her head's in good shape too. She has some hair rubs, but not nearly as much as the other Fashion Queen. Her makeup is in really great shape, with just some minimal wear on the lashes. She even has her nose dot paint still! There's something interesting to point out, she has wonky eyes. Her pupils are not where they should be. Usually they're high in the eye, directly under the eyelash ridge, but hers are more centered in the iris. So instead of casting her gaze upward, she's looking down (and not evenly). I think this Barbie has a lazy eye. I looked at all the other dolls I have, and she's the only one that has this issue. So she's pretty unique in that aspect. But I guess that's what happens sometimes when using people to paint the dolls. It kind of gives her this crazy angry/intense look. I don't know how I would feel about playing with her if I was a kid. She might have been the mean girl.
Another difference between her and the other fashion queen is the shape of her lower jaw. This new girl's is a lot more narrow. I sometimes find that the fashion queen dolls are a little more jowly than most Barbies. She doesn't have that issue. I wonder if that's because of the neck knob, maybe when it's bigger it spreads the plastic and makes it look larger? I really have no clue, it's just a theory. Her jaw is more like the older ponytails and first run bubblecuts (who may also have been using the smaller neck knob). Interesting...
Overall I am happy that I ended up with her. She's certainly a unique addition to the collection. Although for the time being she's just going to be another nude doll to add to the pile. Here's hoping she'll be one of the next ones dressed.
Those crazy eyes look so angry!

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