Thursday, February 23, 2012

Changing Gears

I had a terrible night's sleep last night. And it's not even my weird sleep issue's fault!
Last night at 12:30 we had a thunder storm (I know because I looked at my phone to check the time because it woke me). It was short, sudden, and severe. It knocked out the power, which was fine to me, if I was going to lose power I'd prefer it at night when I'm not using it anyway. It also knocked out the phone line, which is normally not a big deal, except that the house alarm is set up thru the phone line. And it wasn't happy that the phone was down, so it alerted us, by chirping twice EVERY FIVE SECONDS. (I'm seriously not exaggerating) It was terrible. And wasn't a noise that I could easily tune out. Even thought I'm upstairs and down a hall I could hear it clear as a bell. I had to suffer though it since we couldn't figure out a way to turn it off. So it went off all night. Eventually I had to put in my headphones and use music to drown it out. I was able to fall asleep, but it was not any real restful sleep. Not a pleasant experience. If that happens again I'm ripping the system out of the wall.
To make matters worse, I couldn't even use the (much quieter) day to rest even though I was shuffling around like a zombie. (P.S. the power came back in the early morning) Today my sister and her husband were coming over with a moving truck (sort of) to store some of their bigger stuff here for their upcoming move next week. So my morning was spent cleaning, organizing, and generally making the house look presentable. I was the only one doing any cleaning, but to be fair I was the only one in the house. Everyone else went up to Raleigh to help my sister move the stuff. I was... left behind. I thought that I was left behind to specifically clean, but when everyone came back they were all surprised that I had cleaned. I guess I was such a jerk in the morning that instead of asking my help in Raleigh they decided to just leave me alone. Anyway, I was able to get the house cleaned up in not a whole lot of time. Luckily it was still mostly clean from Christmas, and I did most of the Living Room the other day. I was able to take several rest breaks during the day, and I was still done well before they showed up. I was even able to make chocolate chip cookies before any of them were back. I think it was around six they showed up, and they left around 11 in the morning. My father and brother-in-law unpacked and moved everything they brought. I didn't even have to help out then. I was expecting to be called into duty, but after they all showed up, they vanished and the next thing I knew they were done with the unpacking. I'm not complaining, I was pretty tired at that point. It was a long day, but a short night. We all had dinner together, and ended up sitting around chatting for several hours. At nine they left to head back to Raleigh. They move next week, so this was the last time I'll see them for a while. They've offered to let me stay with them several times, but I'm not sure if I'll take them up on their offer, still nice of them to extend one however.
After they left we all split up and went about our business. We still have the truck in our driveway, my parents are returning it tomorrow.
But that's tomorrow, luckily because I'm sure they're all as tired as I am. It's been a long day, and I'm bushed.

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