Saturday, February 18, 2012

A dress fit for a Queen!

Okay, I wasn't totally honest about yesterday. I did manage to sit down in the late evening with my newly purchased supplies. A few dolls joined me as well. Ken and Living Barbie came over from the Naked Party Pad, and Charlotte also joined them from wherever she was at that particular moment. Each of them were there for the same reason, for me to decide who's project to work on first. I had bought supplies for Ken and Living Barbie, but after buying that fabric yesterday, I was wondering if it would work for a cute spring dress for Charlotte. I looked over all three and ended up picking the project that interested me most. Obviously Charlotte won. There are some definite perks for being favorite around here. I do plan on get to the other doll's projects eventually, they'll just have to wait a bit longer.
For Charlotte's dress I imagined a cute spring dress with a drop waist, but was still fitted in the stomach area. I figured this would be the perfect time to fix the princess seamed bodice before I started making the tennis dress again. I added a bit of width to the bottom of the back piece and got to work. I sewed the entire bodice last night before I called it quits. I decided that it wasn't going to work for Charlotte, just wasn't her style. These things happen. I stopped sewing for the night, leaving the bodice on Charlotte.
But I guess I wasn't finished with it just yet, Charlotte however was. I still kind of liked the bodice, but just not on Charlotte. Instead I grabbed the wonky eyed Fashion Queen from the Naked Party Pad and tried it on her. It kind of worked on her. She also fit the bodice a little better. She became my new fit model.
I wasn't finished sewing the bodice since I changed models. I needed to take in the waist a little bit to make up for the fact that Charlotte's waist to hips are a little more curved and the vintage body is a bit more abrupt in it's body shape. So I needed to add some darts to the back to give it a sharper fit. I did have some difficulty of that because if I took too much in, it wouldn't close in the back. I fixed that by only using half a dart in the back. I'm not sure how to explain it, but if you imagine the dart is a diamond, I only did the top half. The bottom half is left open. This seemed to solve the fit issues, although I did have to go back and make the dart smaller. I originally made it too big and couldn't get it to close in the back. I'm going to have to be careful with that. It's a recipe for disaster.
After I finished the bodice I turned my attention to the skirt. I was planning on using a pleated skirt for this dress. I made it up the usual way, except this time instead of soaking it in water and letting dry to hold the pleats I just ironed it. This is quicker, and seems to hold the pleats just as well as using water. Since I didn't need to color fast this fabric I figured that this would be easier. Side note: I really need a new iron, this one is quickly becoming harder and harder to use. Each time I think it's going to be the last time it works, but it manages to warm up again. Anyway, I attached the skirt and even managed to finish it today. I kind of really like it. I took it off Fashion Queen and tried it on several other dolls to see who I liked it on best. For some reason it only looked good on Fashion Queen. And it's not all Fashion Queens because I tried it on the other one I have and it didn't look as good. So Wonky Eyes Fashion Queen got to keep it.
I gave her a pair of brown Keri Mitchell shoes. They don't match the outfit, but I'm really running out of decent shoes. All the best ones are already taken. I'm not really sure what to do about her hair since she's supposed to be wigged. I do have two wigs, but they don't really work with this look, also since she's got those neck splits I worry about putting pressure on her head pushing the wigs on. I did try using some of the same fabric to make a headband, but any more of the fabric added to this look makes it look weird. It's such a masculine print that adding more just ruins the look. I'm thinking that maybe she will get a headband, but using a ribbon that either matches the blue or the yellow. But right now she's going without, that's a down the road addition.
After all this talking here she is in her new dress:Another doll dressed! Although it's a bit of a shame that someone else got to use that fabric before Ken did. I bought it for him! But there's still plenty left to make his shirt.

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