Saturday, February 4, 2012

End of the week, and my Excitement...

I started off this morning the same way I've been for the past couple of days, posting stuff for sale. Although it was a little different because it's not fun anymore. The initial excitement and manic desire to post stuff for sale has worn off and now I'm just doing it to do it. I know, I managed to last a whole six days. I'm still planning on posting stuff, and I have no intention to spend the money I've already earned but now posting is going to feel a bit more like work. I think tomorrow I'm going to take a break and not post anything for sale, it'll be nice to have a day off. I just hope I can do it, sometimes I end up beating myself up for not being more productive with my time, so not only did I not do anything, I didn't get to really enjoy my break since I was feeling guilty about it.
But even though it's not as fun anymore I managed to get some more stuff posted. I got two Ken dolls posted over on the Dollpage. They're both listed for five dollars, so not a whole lot of money, but at least they're out there. I think I should probably focus on the patterns instead of the Dollpage. I've had greater luck with the patterns over on Etsy, and honestly my profit margin is higher. I just don't like spending that 20 cents to list something, always a cheapskate. But here's hoping that maybe something on my Dollpage will catch someone's eye and they'll have to have it. Sometimes it takes a couple months, or longer for something to sell over there, I'm just a little too short sighted sometimes.
I did get a pattern on Etsy today, it was a 70's blouse and skirt set. Priced it low, but it probably won't sell, so far only 50's and 60's have sold, even though the 70's stuff is cheaper. I also got the doll dress I made yesterday posted. I did end up using my Brunette Bubblecut as the model. I'm asking 15 for it plus shipping. Again, here's hoping it'll sell.
I did actually do some sewing today. I didn't have a project in mind, so it was just for fun. But it ended up being not fun, so I gave up pretty quick. Hopefully I'll come up with an idea that I want to sew. These nude dolls are really piling up. Soon they're going out outnumber the dressed dolls, and perhaps launch a nude coup, and I don't want that. I'd love to dwindle their numbers down a bit.
In the late evening I did some more work on my Etsy store, lowering a couple of prices on some older items in the store. I also found about six pattern that had expired from the site. I paid to add them to the site again, and realized that they had my older inexperienced write-ups which might have been a factor in why they didn't sell. So I quickly went and rewrote them all. It could not wait until morning because once things stop being on the main page on Etsy it all but vanishes to Etsy shoppers. So I muscled through it and got them all redone. I still have a couple older ones to redo, but I'm going to wait until they expire to fix them. I'm tired of typing up those patterns, enough it enough for one day! Also I took a peek at my Etsy bill, I might have to dial back the amount saved a bit, my bill is already a doozy. But you got to spend money to make money, right?

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