Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"Go on..."

Notice how on yesterday's post there wasn't much of an ending? (It really just stops) That's because I'm not finished sharing what I got. I was standing there with the pink case in hand super excited to find it when my father asked me, "What about the black one?". It was a total "Huh" moment for me because I only saw the pink one, and when I found it all my focus was on that one. But my father did see something that I clearly did not. On the shelf somewhat behind the pink case was, another case, a black one. Here, I'll let the pictures show you what I found:See? It was another Barbie case, but this one's older. This one is vintage, vintage. I did some research and it's one of the earliest cases from 1961. It's made by the ponytail corporation, but that's pretty obvious since it's written right on it. I think it's really cute, and I love how it's not PINK! I just love the graphics on the front of the Barbie dolls wearing vintage clothes, even though they are in the wrong colors. There's Commuter Set in green, Winter Holiday in orange and green (*vomit*), Suburban Shopper in red (this case predates Busy Morning), and a trench coat (which I'm not familiar with. Was it one of the unpronounced images from the vintage boxes?). It's in relatively good shape, with some small tears and some paint wears (I hate when I rhyme like that). The accessory box is also missing. For some reason there's also some extra paint on the front image, on the left side, mainly on the Winter Holiday panel. Not sure where it's from, or how to remove it. I left the price sticker on in the pictures. So you can see that it cost 15 dollars. A bit expensive for my typical purchases, especially since I already planning on getting that other case. I did toy with the idea of just getting the cheaper one, but after opening it and seeing what's inside I decided to ultimately get it (and after checking that we could afford it). I won't leave you in suspense, here's the inside of the case:Yes, there was a doll inside, but she's not one that will be joining the collection. I wish there had been a vintage doll in there, even if her face was messed up (although if she had been really vintage it would have killed me to know she was damaged like Skipper and Buffy was). The doll in the case is Miko, and could be either Island fun or Tropical, I really don't know. She's a pretty doll, and I've always liked seeing her in other people's pictures, but I'm not planning on keeping her. The plan is to sell her after she gets some hair help. She has super long hair, and it's in pretty decent shape (all things considered), but it's a little tangled. Other than that she looks to be in decent shape. Her dress however has seen better days. It's quick curl Barbie's dress and has been seriously loved to death. Like, there's no way I can fix it, it's falling apart. I may be able to do something with the pink checked fabric, but everything else is unsalvageable. So while the doll isn't something that I'm planning on adding to the collection, in this case it's the clothes that made me want it. Like the other case most of them need some sort of repair, which is understandable since both of these cases originated in the same source. How else would you explain several coordinated pieces being found in each case? I'm only going to share one photo of the clothes today since I'm going to split this post up over a couple of days. So here's the photo of some of them:In this lot, I recognize four things. I'll identify them when I describe them. Starting on the upper left, we have a green mod shirt. I believe this is a clone shirt. It's in need of repair since one of the straps on the side has come undone, also one of the snaps in the back has come unattached. I've already fixed this shirt and repaired the back snaps (even reinforcing another one), those clone clothes really did not have decent sewing on the snaps. I'm surprised as many of them held as they did. To the right of that we have a white, orange, and yellow geometric print pleated skirt. Which I love (I have yet to meet a pleat I didn't like). I believe it's home made, and really well done. This is one of my favorite pieces from the case. It's missing a snap in the back. I already fixed it, giving it an entirely brand new snap. This one might end up in the collection on someone, or Charlotte might keep it. To the right of that we have a knitted sweater. Finally something kitted that should be knitted. It's cute, but it needs some repairs, which is something that I don't know how to do. So this might end up being stuck elsewhere since I don't want it unraveling on me. Interesting pattern though. To the right of that we have the shirt to Mego's Bionic Woman. I actually didn't recognize this at first. I thought it was a cute guys shirt and was in the process of repairing it for Joe (it fits wonderfully except the sleeves are too short) when I got the feeling that I've seen it before. For some reason the Bionic Woman popped into my head as to who it belonged to and a quick searched proved that I was correct. It's missing the patch on it, but it's the shirt all right. I've already repaired it. Some of the stitching on the right sleeve had come undone and the red ribbon was unraveling. I was able to ease the ribbon back into place and carefully sew the sleeve back together. It actually came out really decent. I also fixed a snap that had come undone on one side. It's weird, this is the second Bionic Woman outfit piece I've gotten in the past few weeks (Darci's shoes are also Bionic Woman). Starting on the second row, on the left we have this fleece coat. It's so very 70's and has a Hong Kong label inside. It's very interesting with it's bright colors and fake leather interior. It's got some wear, but nothing too bad. I did have to reattach a snap and tack down the collar on the left. It's a bit too bold for the collection. It's a bit big for Barbie, but the sleeves are too short for Ken, so I'm not really sure who it's for. But it's not like these clone clothes are known for their impeccable fit. To the right of that we have a pair of shorts. I believe these are home made, nothing too special to note about these, other than the fact this is the first thing that I didn't have to repair from this case. I did have to turn it right side out however. Below that we have the shawl/arm wrap for Pretty Changes Barbie. It's the only piece of her outfit in the case. It's in okay shape, but that's not a doll I'm planning on collecting, so I'm not really sure what to do with it. To the right of that we have a pair of knitted pants. Which must be the most uncomfortable things to wear short of a knitted tank top. They're a really odd fit. Charlotte can wear them, but they are super big on her thighs. I don't know who they were knitted for, but they could have kept them. I have no intention of using them. They are a pretty color though. Should have make a sweater instead of these pants. To the right of that we have a pair of dark blue pants. I think they're Ken pants from the 80's? They're in decent shape, but need to have the snap replaced, one half is missing. They're made from an unusual fabric it's a slippery woven material. I haven't bothered repairing them yet. To the right of that we have Sweet Sixteen's original dress. It's in pretty decent shape. The rope tie at the waist seems to be shorter than it should be, but that seems to be the only issue is has. At least now when I get the Sweet Sixteen head a body I'll have her original dress to dress her in. And finally we have what I think is a ballerina skirt. I kind of think this is a 80's Barbie piece. For some reason I think this is something from the Barbie and the Rocker's era. At least it looks that way to me, it could be a shredded ballerina skirt for all I know, it's just the "tears" look a little more intentional than from overuse.
But that's enough typing for today, the next part will have to wait!

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