Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Go out into the world, and shop!

I'm still making progress with my listing patterns for sale goal. This morning I was able to get two new ones posted. One another 1950's dress, and the other a 1960's sheath dress with Chanel like jacket. The reason I was only able to get two posted is because I had to go out this afternoon and get two patterns out into the mail. Yes, I've had another pattern sell! It was the 50's cocktail dress I posted yesterday. I woke up this morning to that bit of good news. I was able to get both patterns into the mail and on to their new owners. Exciting, right?
I'm pleased to say that I now have 2/40's of my goal raised in my Paypal account. I've even made a fun little thermometer image so I can keep track of my goal and share it on the blog. It looks a little empty right now, but we have to start somewhere. Here's hoping that I'll keep having success and be able to fill another bar on it again soon! I should be getting back to posting patterns tomorrow, I don't have plans (or a reason) to go out at this point. (I'll share the picture lower in this blog post)
Since I was out, I managed to hit up all three of the local second hand stores. It's been a while since I've been out, so it's been a while since I've visited these places. My father had collected a large amount of plastic bags that we were going to donate at the Salvation Army. They've had a sign up asking for bags for a while now, so it's good to be able to give the bags some use after we're done with them. Might be a while before we're able to donate any more, we cleared out most of what we had today. At the store right when we were walking in I found this ceramic poodle. It's brown, slightly too small for Barbie, and marked Japan on the bottom. Don't worry, I'm not starting another collection to have the blog veer off into another tangent, but a couple weeks back I had one of my Flickr friends send me a vintage Skipper ballet costume, and I wanted to find something to return his favor. And this looks perfect for him since he collects vintage poodle figurines (And other stuff too). I'm just going to collect a few other things to send in the package as well. I also found a doll while I was there. She was over in the games section (they also have their porcelain dolls there too). I immediately recognized her as someone I knew, but only from pictures. It was Kenner's Darci! She looked to be in really good shape, and wearing shoes. She was dressed in a dress, but it was in bad shape and homemade. I didn't see a price on her, but I figured that she wouldn't be too much (2.99 at the most), and I wouldn't be able to find her for much cheaper elsewhere. While I was waiting to check out I looked her over a bit more. She was in good shape, except for her shoulders. She had some melting going on on the left one, and some odd fracturing going on on the right one. But they both turned and I didn't fear they were going to break. She did melt into her dress a bit, but that's not that big of a deal, it is only interesting in a technique way. The dress itself it pretty ugly and they didn't even bother to hem most of it. It's not destined for the collection, after I figure out how they made it. The woman at the register thanked us for all the bags we brought in, she then rang Darci up at one dollar. Sometimes it pays to do good things. And we didn't even have what we bought bagged up, we just carried them to the car in our hands. I did wrap the poodle in my jacket to keep it safe.
The Goodwill was a bust. I saw that the toy section had been replenished, but not with anything I could use. I saw toddler dolls of Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty. All from different toy lines, but only the original princess'. It gave this Disney nerd a bit of a chuckle.
Finally we visited the Christian Second Hand store. Their toy section was pretty bland. I think everything that was there was the same as the last time we stopped in. Fabrics were pretty boring too. I did find this red, white, and blue striped cotton. I thought about not getting it, but I'm still kicking myself for not picking up those same colors but in a knit, so I figured I shouldn't let it slip through my fingers a second time. Besides, this would work for a variety of looks, especially nautical, and I do love making nautical based clothes. Plus it was only a dollar, so I ended up getting it. It's about a yard of fabric, so I'm going to get a lot of clothes out of it. How exciting!
At home I learned some stuff about Darci, she's huge! I knew she was big, but she towers over most of the dolls I have. She's much taller than Charlotte, and is even taller than Joe! I also learned that her shoes don't actually belong to her. They're actually Mego shoes, for Cher, or Wonder Woman, or even the Bionic Woman. Very interesting. A big thank you to my Flickr friends for sharing that information with me!
And for my final bit of news for the day, I'm pleased to announce, I sold another pattern! It sold this evening, one of the ones I posted this morning. The 50's dress. So I am now 10 dollars closer to my goal. And that's why I couldn't show the thermometer picture earlier because I already updated it to show the most recent amount of money I've got saved. The buyer is sending the money through a money order so I don't technically have it in hand yet, but I'm counting it. I'm 3/40's of the way there! It's still going to be a slow process, but I do enjoy the positive reinforcement! I do think I need to change the background of the thermometer since it's kind of hard to see on the blog, but that's for another day.

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