Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day Everyone!

Hope everyone had a good day. Mine didn't start off too hot, but then got better as it progressed. I just wish I could "leap" over the bad stuff and just deal with the good (I get two leap play on words for this post, humor me).
I started off my day by being groggy and icky, and it wasn't because I woke up early, I actually slept later than I have in the past couple of days. I'm not really sure why I was feeling so poorly. I wonder if I was feeling some side affects from I did that crazed Barbie head search. I followed though with what I said yesterday, and stuck the body in the closet. That way I won't be looking at it and obsess over it. It was actually a little bit of a relief to put it away. But that was a small improvement. I still felt not myself, I ended up just hanging out in the morning, even shirking getting any patterns posted online. I really just wasn't feeling it.
But things started getting much better in the afternoon, because... I got the big purchase in the mail today! It arrived super fast since I only bought it late on Saturday. I was keeping my finger's crossed that it would arrive today, but wasn't really expecting it to. I didn't know where it was coming from, so I couldn't use that as a guideline to estimate how long it was going to take to get to me. So when I went out the check the mail I held my breath as I opened it, and when I opened it I was greeted with a package for me! I won't leave you in suspense, let me share with you what was inside it:I'm not sure if anyone knows what that is, so I'll explain. That is the purse to vintage Francie outfit "Concert in the Park". I actually own most of that outfit already. It was one of the great condition clothing pieces that came from that Barbie case I got for my birthday last year. Now I'm just missing the hat and the shoes and I'll have the entire outfit. That might be tricky because I want them in really great shape since what I already have is in wonderful shape. I mean look at that purse, it's sparkling white. I doubt that it was actually ever played with. Can you believe that only cost me 26 dollars? Such a bargain!
I'm sure you all just feel in love with my wonderful new purse, and I will agree with you, it's amazing. But part of your new found love isn't real, it's a spell our model put you under. You see, I've hired a professional. I'd like to introduce you all to our newest addition, Twiggy! I guess she was a freebie doll the seller threw in because I bought the purse. I'm not sure what to do with her since I only wanted that purse. (I'm totally joking.). I bought it for Twiggy. The purse was just the icing on the cake since I already had most of the outfit it belonged to. Did you really think that I would spend that much money on a purse? Really people, it's like you don't know me at all!
To tell the story of how Twiggy came to join the collection I have to jump back to last Saturday. I was doing some searches for those doll heads I need, when I found myself on They didn't end up having anything that could help me with a Tutti or Malibu Skipper head, but since I was there I decided to do a search for vintage Barbie and see what showed up. Most of what came up wasn't anything I could use (or what I consider vintage) But I did see a post that caught my eye. It was a listing for a Casey doll, for only 23 dollars. I've been looking for a Casey doll since the one I have I've been really lagging on getting her re-rooted. I clicked on the link and let it load. When that was done I was scrolling down the pictures and I realized that the doll wasn't actually Casey, she was Twiggy. It's an easy mistake since the only differences between the two are Twiggy has heavier undereye makeup, and her hair is a bit shaggier. (The seller did note the hair since she thought she might have been given a haircut). The seller pictures were a bit blurry, but she looked to be in really good shape. I was already sold on getting her, but the fact that she came with some really great condition clothing pieces really won me over. I bought her on the spot knowing that if I hesitated I'd lose out on her. And I was so sure that someone was going to buy her before I could. I was so relived when I finally was able to pay for her. But I wasn't totally free from worry, I was a little nervous that the deal would fall through for some reason. Maybe her listing was a mistake (which is an ironic thought since this was before the issues with that Barbie body). I went to bed shortly after I bought her, and had a dream where the seller contacted me to give me a refund. I did wake up to an e-mail from the seller, but she was just telling me thanks for my prompt payment, and that she'd get into the mail on Monday.
So I was definitely getting her! Which was really exciting. I wasn't looking for a Twiggy, but one just showed up, kind of like Julia. I'm really excited her since she's kind of rare. She was only produced for a year, so they're harder to find than other Barbie friends. I still would have bought her if she was just a Casey, that would be a good deal for one of those too. But she's not, she's Twiggy! I waited until she arrived to check out her condition, like I said I thought she was in good shape, but looks and blurry pictures can be deceiving. But I'm pleased to say she's in AWESOME shape. The child who ended up with her must have not really cared for Twiggy and never played with her. She's as mint as a brand new doll. The only issues I saw with her was that she has a minor pale spot on one of her toes, and some minor paling on one of her shoulders, other than that she's in perfect condition. All her joints are nice and tight, her face doesn't have any paling, really a wonderful condition doll. I'm thrilled to have her in such great shape (and thrilled to have her in general)! I'm sad that this doll set me back on my monetary goals, but I could not have picked a better way to be set back. I'm quite enamored with her, even it it means I have to do some more mod sewing. And I can't even do my 50's take on Mod I sometimes get away with, Twiggy needs to be Mod, Mod, MOD. She's practically the face of it.
And like I said Twiggy didn't come alone, she also brought some stuff with her. I've already mentioned the purse above, which was the only piece to "Concert in the Park", but that's wasn't all that Twiggy brought. She also came with the slip, bonnet, and one stocking to Francie's "Dance Party" outfit, all in wonderful condition. The elastic isn't even shot on the slip! I don't have any part of this outfit already, but all I'm missing is the dress, the shoes, and another stocking. I'm part way there! Don't worry, I don't plan on starting to collect clothing, I'm still all about the dolls. Twiggy also came with a pair of "nude" stockings, but these are in the worst shape of the group. The elastic has snapped, and there's a couple of snags in them. They're still in decent shape compared to how they could have been, but there's other things that clearly outshine them. It's still pretty cool though, getting all this stuff for 26 dollars (including shipping). Now I just need Truly Scrumptious, and my Mod Barbie celebrity collection will be complete. But for now I'm just going to enjoy Twiggy, I'm just leaping for joy over her! (and there's our second pun.)

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