Monday, February 20, 2012


Well I won't leave you all in suspense, I didn't die in the night. So good news! I'm still feeling the effects from it today. It's better than last night, but some things are still lingering, basically I feel a little fuzzy still, there's a minor headache, and I'm tired. All annoying, but nothing too extreme. Basically it feels like I'm going through another one of my bad sleep cycles. I'm going to taking it easy for the next several days, I don't want to overdo anything and make it worse.
But even though I was taking the day to rest, when I got offered the chance to go out, I took it. What can I say, last time we went out we only got to one of the second hand stores, and when I don't visit all three I feel so incomplete. (A lousy excuse, but I have a head injury, humor me.) A short trip this time, we did most of our grocery shopping the last time we were out. So on the agenda we had the three second hand stores, plus a quick trip to a grocery store to pick up a few things we didn't get last time. We only had an hour to spend, so we had to go, go, go!
Up first was the Salvation Army, which was a total bust. Neither my Dad or I got anything there. Which happens, we were in and out there pretty quickly. After that was the Goodwill. This is where it got a little scary. Nothing scary about the inside of the store, but the outside. Yesterday we had some winter weather, our first of the season I think. We got snow and hail, about a half inch total. Most of it's already melted by the time we went out, but only the stuff that was in direct sunlight. The stuff in the shade was still all wintery. This included the sidewalk leading onto the store. I stepped onto it and noticed that it quite slick. It wouldn't have been much of a problem had I been wearing the right shoes, but out of habit I was wearing my boating shoes. While they are cute and comfortable, they also don't have the strongest traction. It really wasn't that bad, and I normally wouldn't have been so concerned (even though I do hate slipping on ice), I was worried about falling and hitting my head. Don't want to add another issue on top of the one I'm already dealing with. But I was able to navigate the short sidewalk without too much trouble.
Inside the store the toy section looked pretty stocked, but I didn't see any Barbie dolls at all. They usually get snatched up pretty quick around here. I was walking around the rest of the store when I found this... chair. I think it's originally a jewelry box/picture frame combo. That would explain the drawer and shelf thing it's going on. I just saw it as a cute spring chair for Charlotte. Yes, I'm still collecting chairs for her. At the rate I'm going she will have one for every month. Storage is going to be a nightmare. It's a little more homey than I normally like, but I'm going to keep it exactly as it is. Well, I'm not going to paint it. I do plan on change a few things on it. Since this chair will be used when it's a bit warmer out, I am a little concerned about how the paint would react to Charlotte when she sitting on it (although, she rarely actually sits in these chairs, she's usually elsewhere in the room) so I'm going to make a cushion for her to sit on instead of just the painted wood. I'm also thinking about doing something with the missing back. While all the picture frame backing is missing, the sliders to hold it in place are all still there, so I could easily make something to fit. I just need to decide if I want to make an image, or try to pad it. I have time to decide, it's still far too cold to switch over to a spring chair just yet! This chair cost only a dollar, which sealed my getting it. I was thinking about it, if it was more, I probably wouldn't have gotten it.
I'm going to end this post here. I'm going to split up the final store over the next couple of days, yes I got enough to warrant that. I'd do more now, but I'm exhausted, head injuries take a lot out of you (and this was a minor one). Plus, I'm not really going to be that exciting for the next couple of day, so I'll need something to keep everyone's intrest!

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  1. Glad you hear you're feeling okay & found your way back to the blog! (Any time I get a klunk on the head, I'm always mildly disappointed I don't have amnesia, lol. Too many soap operas growing up!)

    The chair was a great find for a buck. Can't wait to see what other goodies you got! Hope you're feeling 100% soon! :)