Sunday, February 12, 2012

I almost bought a doll today.

But I ended up not, therefor preserving my fifty dollars that I have already saved for those other dolls. Now before you congratulate me on my resolve, it was really the seller's fault why I didn't buy it.
I'll explain. Last night I was over on Etsy, checking out what was new. I saw an ad for a doll that I want, at a decent price. Since I'm saving up for that lot of dolls I didn't get her, also I wasn't totally sure of her condition. So instead I added her to my favorites, like I usually do. Maybe down the line I'll get her. So this morning I awoke to an Etsy message from the seller, noting my interest and mentioning a possibility of a lowered price. (They also mentioned their price being somewhat flexible in their ad too). They sent me their e-mail and phone number (which was kind of bizarre, I really don't need a number). I decided to e-mail them, asking first my question about the doll's condition. I tried to be nice, and really explain what I was concerned about since I don't think the seller really was that familiar with dolls. I got a curt e-mail reply telling me that the doll didn't have the issue I was asking about. I was a little put off by the blunt reply, but I know not everyone subscribes to the "try to be as kind as possible" e-mail philosophy that I try to do. But at least it was good news. So I e-mailed them back asking them the best they could do for the doll.
I got a reply back telling me that since the doll was new to the site, and they were getting some interest about her the best they could do was the listed 18 dollars, which was the original listed price. I wouldn't have asked for a better price had they not mentioned it TWICE, once directly to me. Talk about leading on a buyer. I know they said possible lowered price, but if they had no intention of actually talking anything off, the shouldn't have said that to me, or been a little nicer when explaining why they weren't planning on making me a better price. I'm not a total baby about expecting people to be super kind to me, but when you're trying to get my hard earned money, I think you should at least try to be polite. I said thank you for your time and ended the conversation. I'm not going to buy the doll after the seller lead me on like that. Even if they only bumped off a dollar I might have been severely tempted.
I did leave the doll under my favorites though. I figured that if she was still there after enough time had passed the seller might lower the price, or at least be willing to haggle. Especially after she's been on the site for over 12 hours, and I find that once something's been on there that long it's much less likely to sell. I popped over to Etsy, and guess what, she was still there, and the seller raised the price. She was now 22 dollars, she went up four dollars! And you know all the interest in her? I checked, she's had 10 views, and 1 admirer. I was the admirer, and I'm sure several of those views were mine as well. But let me tell you, I'm not an admirer anymore. I'd rather spend my money with a courteous seller who wants my business, not just my money.

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  1. People like that keep me away. That is kind of weird for them to send you their phone number. I've never sent a buyer my number.

    You may have saved yourself a headache. There may be some real problems that they're not willing to disclose