Saturday, February 11, 2012

I could not be any more lazy today!

The title of this post pretty much explains what I did today, nothing. It was one of those days where I didn't have the motivation to do a thing. I spent my morning convincing myself that my afternoon was going to be more productive. And it kind of was, but really it wasn't that hard to beat my morning lethargy.
I ended up going out again. I managed to visit all three second hand stores again. I decided that if the horse from yesterday was still there I would get it. It was not there, somebody already snagged him. All the Barbie dolls from yesterday were gone too, but I wasn't interested in them and had no plans to get them even if they were there. I didn't get a thing while out. But I do have something to complain about. What is it with people who are so inconsiderate and blocking the isles? I kept having to wait for people who randomly stopped and left no room for people to get around them. And it's not like most of them were even looking at something. Today the worst offender was this woman who was there with her friend, they both had carts (why people need carts in these stores is beyond me, I've never needed a basket much less a cart), the woman turns to talk to her friend about something randomly, and she turns her cart with her and blocks the entire isle. So I had to wait until she stopped talking and moved her cart back. Why? Why? Why? Stuff like that happened all over today, but that one was the most unnecessary and rude. There's several reasons why I don't like shopping at crowded stores, and that's one of them.
Back at home I tried to think about doing something productive with today, but failed. I was just more interested in doing nothing. I did do some light cleaning in my room. I picked up some stuff that wasn't where it was supposed to be and put it where it belonged, nothing to exciting and the room's still a mess. My brother gave me some empty cereal boxes he's been saving for me (I use them for added safety when shipping patterns), so I manged to cut them down for easier storage. I'd say that was the most productive thing I did all day.
Here's hoping tomorrow's more of a "get something accomplished" kind of day (and warmer, it's been freezing here all gosh darn day).

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