Friday, February 10, 2012

I plead my Case to you

Not a whole lot of sewing getting done around here today. In fact I haven't even bothered to turn the machine on today. I'm still thinking about Ken's shirt, and I haven't come up with anything that I liked. I did take the red and white shirt I made yesterday out of the blue stain, and it looks better than I was expecting. I'm letting it dry before I make any decisions on if I'm going to finish it. Keep your finger's crossed for it. He might actually end up wearing it, even if it's just for a little while, depending on how the color comes out. But it needs to dry before I make the final call on that. But right now Ken is the only one that I have any kind of idea what to sew for. Everyone else is just a blank canvass, or more accurately a messy chalkboard with lots of crossed out sketches.
But that's not the only reason why I didn't get any sewing today. I also went out. I kind of have an idea for dressing Living Barbie, but I don't have the supplies. Don't worry, I'm not breaking my no Hobby Lobby vow, I already know they don't have what I'm looking for. My best bet would be the local second hand stores for some baby clothes, since that will have the fabric I need in the print I want. I checked all three stores, but I could not for the life of me find anything made from a white knit with a mod flower pattern. I didn't think it would be that hard to find. (famous last words) I guess it'll be something that I'll have to keep looking for.
But I didn't leave all of the stores empty handed, although I did leave two of them without getting anything. I was at the Goodwill when I found it. Actually I found two things, but I ended up deciding against one the things I found. The one that I put back was a black Barbie horse for two dollars. I have been thinking about getting one, but the hair on this one was a mess, and it had no paint at all, so it looked kind of creepy. I think I'll hold out for another horse, I mean I only kind of want one. It's not like it's an overwhelming urge to get it.
But I did end up getting something, I didn't put everything back. I found this Barbie case. It's not vintage, quite from it, it's marked on the back 1995. I didn't examine it that closely in the store, but the insides were very interesting so I ended up getting it. I also saw a couple of dolls that I assume belonged to the same original owner, but they were all mid-90's dolls and their clothes weren't interesting. And I really don't need anymore dolls now, do I? So I just got the case. It was a bit more than I would have liked to pay, but 3.99 isn't too much since I certainly couldn't get a new case for anywhere close to that, and this one was pretty different than the most ones I've seen. But instead of explaining it, let me show you what the insides look like:
Pretty unusual right? I originally bought it because of all the vast storage options it has. I didn't realize that it's basically a dressing room built into the case. Or maybe a really small studio apartment. It also has some pretty cool design features in it. The display case on the far left actually folds down into a sort of Murphy bed, and that's not all! The bed part lifts up, and underneath it is a bathtub, and it even has a faucet! And there's a small shelf that pops up on the side of the bathtub (but I think you can use it on the bed too). To the right of that we have a television. It's got a picture on it of some camper with Skipper, Barbie, and who I believe are Teresa and Kira. It's probably from Mattel's production line from 1995. But the TV flips down to reveal a vanity, with a metallic somewhat reflective mirror. It's also got a built in dairy, and a jewelry box, as well as two buttons. When you push a button one makes the diary pop open, and the other opens the jewelry box. It's even got a little plastic ballerina that pops up! She doesn't twirl though. There's even a working door under it all where you can store some stuff! How long has it been since Mattel gave actual working doors? Now a days it would just be one solid plastic piece. Above the vanity is a light feature, that actually works, I tested it already. It even has an on and off switch.
Jumping over to the next piece of furniture we have this set of shelves with a bust on top. There's four shelves, but only three of them work, the top one is fake. The bottom three do tilt open, but when you open one they all open. They can store about two pairs of shoes in each of them, maybe more if you try. But getting back to the bust. That's my favorite feature. It's not actually a bust. You remember that fake drawer? It actually has a button, you press it, and the bust pops up. There's actually a secret drawer under it! How cool is that! I didn't figure it out until after I bought it. When I first found it I had to push the bust down in order to close the case, but didn't know exactly what it did. I'm sorry, that's just cool. I wish I had that for my room.
Moving on to the next side we have a garment rack deal. The white piece on top should have a cover, but it's missing. That's the only thing missing from it. I guess it's more storage. The rack piece is really interesting. It's circular and fits maybe 12 things? You can push it back and out of the way, but on the bottom of the white part is a button that when you push it it moves closer to you so you can spin it easier. The button on mine is a little off, but eventually you can make it work. There is something negative to be said about the rack though. With the chest of drawers under it, there's not a lot of room for longer dresses. I couldn't get most of Charlotte's regular dresses to fit, they were all too long. I guess skirts were shorter in the mid 90's! Also since it's so small (which it had to be in such a small case), it's a bit tricky filling it up. There's not enough room in the center of it and it pushes the clothes out. Honestly, while it's a cool addition a simple hanging bar might have been easier for it.
Below it is the already mentioned set of drawers. The top drawer is just the regular type. You pull on the handles and it pulls out, pretty straight forward. The bottom one is a little different. It's actually open and there's a shelf in it that pulls out. Not totally sure what that's for, but when I first saw it I thought that it was missing part of it or something. But at home I did some research and that's how it's supposed to look.
The outside is pretty cool too. It has wells and a pop up handle, unfortunately they weren't expecting a 5'9" adult using this, so it's much too short for me, but it does have a side carry handle. It's actually designed to look like a trunk from the outside. It's also covered in foreign country stickers. I really like this trunk, so many awesome features went into it. I really wish they were doing some similar things like this in the Barbie line now.
My review isn't all rosy. There are a couple things I'm not totally in love with. It is mind numbingly pink, like entirely. Also while I like all the interesting features that it has, I wish a couple of them were omitted and replaced with some more storage options. I like the bathtub, but when I first got it, I though there was more storage under there, and yes I can still use it for storage, but a longer clothes closet would have been really appreciated. Also the diary and jewelry box are cute novelties, they do take up most of the vanity table top. I wish they had made that another storage space and left the top clear for Barbie to set up her makeup. But those are just my own personal thoughts. Those are the things that are really keeping this from being super duper awesome to me personally. I thought about using this for Charlotte for those long car trips, but now I'm not totally sure. I'm actually not sure if there's enough spare room it it to store a doll. I'm not bringing two cases, one for her and one for her stuff. That's crazy. I'm not really sure if I'm going to end up keeping it, I might end up selling it. I've never been much of a case person, but this was too cool to pass up.
If I do get rid of it I will miss that cool hiding spot!

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