Friday, February 24, 2012

In the Final Stretch...

I'm still working on showing off everything I purchased the last time I was out. I'm hoping this is the last post about it. I'm tired of writing about it, almost as tired as you are of reading about it. This is one of the reasons why I'm backed up in posting my blogs. I have several all written and waiting to go, I just need to finish this one up so I can start getting them posted. So let's wrap this baby up! Like I said in the last post there were lots more clothes in this case compared to the first one (but the dolls in the first one were much better). While some of the clothes were worth it, some of them weren't. For our first picture we have some of the... less than stellar clothing pieces from the case. Here's the picture of what I'll be talking about:Starting at the top row on the far left we have a pair of pants. These kind of look to be G.I. Joe pants, but I could just be saying that because they're olive green. The problem with these is that there's a large hole in the inseam, roughly the size of a dime. It looks like it was a stain that eventually ate away at the fabric. I'm sure I could patch it, but it would just be easier to make my own pants. I have no intention of even trying to fix them. To the right of that is this scrap of red woven fabric. No clue what it is, or what it was originally. Maybe I was used as a type of hair elastic (even though there's no actual elastic in it). It's a bit of a fraying mess and headed for the trash bin the moment this is posted. I have no use for it, and neither could anyone else for that matter. Below that is this jacket. I actually kind of like it. I was doing some research, and found out it's actually a best buy jacket from the 70's. Sadly it's in a bit of rough shape. Weird thing is, all the damage is on the right side, the left side is near perfect. On the right side several seams have popped. A couple of them have been very inexpertly repaired, and have started to come undone. But the worst thing is the fabric on the back and around the armhole have ripped and been shredded. And I can't fix that, which stinks. I may end up using it as a pattern since I really like how it looks and fits. Shame it's so damaged though. I looked it up online, looks like I can get both the jacket and matching skirt in decent condition for not that much money. Maybe I'll end up getting a replacement sometime. Moving on, kind of above it and to the right we have this little dress. Since it's so small I want to say it was made for Buffy, but it actually might be too small for her. I think it's homemade and a very bold color mix. It's falling apart, and I have no intention of fixing it. It's interesting though, I might end up copying the colors and silhouette for a mod doll sometime. After that here's something interesting. Inside the case was this seemingly random bit of white tulle. Originally I thought it was some random scrap that ended up in the case, but it looked like it came from something. I was looking at the Miss America dress that came in the other case and when I spread the dress out it was missing a bit from the back. This was that piece! If there's any evidence that could prove these two cases came from the same place this is it. Don't think I'll be able to reattach it, but it's really not that noticeable that it's missing from the dress skirt, and I don't think I'll be using that dress much. And rounding out the top row, we have this length of hot pink tulle in a bow. I don't think it's actually for dolls, just one of those things that ended up in the pile that was shoved into the case. I'm planning on using it for sewing.
Moving into the second row, far left again we have a pink dress. Originally I thought it was some clone dress, with some added embellishments, but I found out it's actually vintage Barbie. It's the overdress to Barbie's Evening In from 1970. It's not that hard to find, but apparently the gold medallion on the front is hard to find. (Someone's selling just the medallion on Ebay for 14.99, which is what I paid for the entire case). I actually thought that the medallion was added to the dress by someone else. When you look at the inside it's got some sharp points, which I did not think a toy company could get away adding to a children's toy. Apparently they could. Mine has a couple of tears and popped seams, as well as some added sewing. Somewhere along the line some child didn't like the front of the skirt being opened and sewed it shut in some really big sloppy stitches. I've already taken them out, and it looks much better. There might still be life in this dress after all, I just have to repair it. After that we have the vintage pants to Ken's Pajamas. These are also ruined. The fabric in the back has totally worn away. It's all threadbare. Not much to do with this unless I find a something to use the fabric for. To the right of that we have this dress, or what's left of it. Some budding fashion designer took their scissors to it and did it a real disservice. I can tell that it's supposed to have a tulle overlay because what's left of it is peeking through the waist, but it's all been hacked away. The dress itself is in rough shape, with stains, tears, and just signs of lots of play. Not much I can do with it. I think it's the pink variation to a Superstar era dress, but there's not much I can do with it, it's pretty much totally ruined. And finally we have this orange polka dot dress. I think this is something someone made. I don't think it's something originally made by a company that was fixed until it looked like something home made. It's an unusual dress, incredibly big though. It fit Joe the best out of everyone I tried it on. Everyone else it was really big on, especially on the shoulders. It does have some interesting fading element going on at the top. Not sure if that's intentional or just happened, but it's kind of cool. I don't have plans to do anything with it. I just can't see it getting used in the collection in any way, shape, or form.
So that was the first group of stuff from the case, not a whole lot of stuff I'll be able to use. Really I only have plans to save the Evening In dress. Everything else is going to be packed away until I ether dump it or find ways to use what's salvageable. But there's still other stuff in the case, stuff that was actually worth it in my opinion. But before we get to it, here's a late addition. It's just a pair of pants that I forgot to include when I was taking the pictures. I think they're Ken pants, and homemade. They're in pretty good shape, and just need to have the snap fixed. I'm planning on fixing them eventually and added them to the Ken clothing bag. Can never have enough Ken clothes. Here's a photo of that:And here's the photo of the better (in my opinion) stuff from the case:Does anyone recognize anything? Lots of it should be familiar to Barbie collectors since it's mainly tagged Barbie (and friends) clothing. Again, starting at the top left, we have the pants to Evening In. The pants are tagged the overdress (above) is not. It's from searching for the outfit the pants came from that I found out that I had almost the entire outfit (missing the shoes and earrings). They are in need of repair. There's an crotch seam that's split, and the elastic has given up the ghost entirely. I'm going to repair them. The two outfit pieces are pretty heinous on their own, but for some reason they work well together. I really kind of like them, even though it's so not my usual ascetic! Below that we have the coat to Skipper's Chilly Chums (I found the dress in the previous case). Like the Evening In outfit, only one of the pieces was tagged (the coat) and I only identified the unlabeled vintage pieces from researching the tagged ones. The coat is in okay shape. It's missing the belt, one of the gold buttons in the front, and the closures. Also it has fabric bands around the sleeve holes, one is perfect, and one is missing. But the coat itself looks to be in good shape. There's no tears, rips, or worn spots. It's even a cute color. I guess it's before hot pink took over the line. (I think that was more of an 80's thing). To the right of that we have most of vintage Ken outfit "Casual" (Barbie got all the cool outfit names). It looks to be in decent shape. The pants are a little dingy, and there's a couple smallish holes, and it might be missing a back pocket (should there be two?), but it looks mostly in good shape. Zipper works and everything. The shirt looks to be in really great shape without any tears or rips. There are some stains on it, and it also looks a bit dingy. The hat however is perfect. I don't think it was used much at all. No pills, not rips, no scuffs. The hat is one of the pieces that really sold me on getting this case. It's just in really great shape. To the upper right of that we have the yellow (fleece?) bodysuit that belongs to Barbie's 1970's Scuba Do outfit. It's in okay shape with no stains or tears, but it has a lot of popped stitches. So it does need some work, I just wonder if I'm the person who's able to repair it decently. Below that we have a more recent Ken suit jacket, it's got a tag. "A Genuine Ken Fashion", which I think came around in the late 70's. It needs to be cleaned, and have the snap replaced, but it's in decent shape. Not sure what outfit it belongs to. If anyone knows feel free to pass along the info. Jumping back up to the right top we have a coat. It's not Mattel, and it's certainly homemade. But I just love it. It's a wonderful trench coat in this really interesting white fabric. It might look like it's princess seamed, but the red stitching is all just top stitching. It needs a little cleaning up, but this is the exactly what I mean when I want to make a trench coat. I think this is going to be really helpful figuring out the best pattern to make my own. Below that we have a very interesting piece. It's the coat to Barbie's "Open Road" outfit. It's in really great shape, although it's missing the things that holds the toggle buttons closed. It does have a few things that I need to repair on it as well. One of the shoulder seams has come undone, also the armhole on one side is open. I'm not really sure the best way to fix it, but I'm sure I'll come up with something. It's really in nice shape for vintage Barbie, and it's a lovely coat. And finally we have the cape to Miss America. It's in okay shape, there's a couple spots where the red "velvet" has worn away, but there's no holes or anything. When I first got it one of the straps was broken, but I've fixed it before I took the picture.
And that's everything! Ugh, that was a lot of typing, but worth it all in my opinion. It's only because I was planning on typing all this stuff up that I ended up doing some extra research and finding out some things I wouldn't have otherwise.
Not a bad haul for 20 bucks. Now let's just hope I can use some of it!

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