Tuesday, February 21, 2012

*My Barbie Sense is Tingling*

This is a continuation from yesterday's post. Out final stop of the day was the Christian Second Hand store (it's usually Hobby Lobby, but I'm still on that self imposed hiatus). The first place I usually check out is their small antique and collectable area. While I was walking over to it, I saw something. It was the back of a box. It caught my eye because it was a very familiar pink. It almost looked like the back of a Barbie case. I kept getting closer, hoping it was. Turns out it wasn't. It was a box for a doll, but it was one of those common porcelain dolls. I guess my Barbie-senses are off. They are tingling when they shouldn't be. But when I turned the corner in the section I saw a really familiar pink, one with a graphic that I immediately recognized. I'll show you:Did you see? Turns out my Barbie senses aren't wrong, they were just not honing in exactly to where they should be. (It was off about 6 feet) The case should look somewhat familiar to long time readers, because I have it already. Except the one I have is the Canadian version (and in much worse shape). I got it last June with my American Girl Doll. This one is in decent shape, but isn't perfect. But for what they were charging for it, it was certainly worth it. They only wanted five dollars for it! I was all ready to get it when I wondered if there was anything inside it. I opened it and saw this:Interesting right? I'll start off with the bad news, yes that is Malibu Skipper and a Buffy doll in there. The bad news in that is both of them have been attacked by mice. They really did a number on Buffy. To quote my brother, "She looks like a burn victim.". But there's some good news, while their faces are total losses, both of their bodies are in really good shape (and I checked in the store, Skipper was from Japan). I've been wanting to add both Malibu Skipper and a Tutti doll to the collection for a while now, and these are a decent start. It's going to take more work since I'm going to have to hunt down the heads and buy them (and patience), but since I'm just buying the heads it might be easier than finding the whole doll. I've already removed their original heads and washed the bodies. I put the heads into the spares box, but there's not much I can do with them, the most I'll be able to use them for is a hair donor. I just can't throw anything vintage away, no matter how poor shape it's in!
There was also some clothing in the case too as you can see. I recognized a few things. It's a real mix of everything. Mattel from the 70's, 80's, 90's, homemade, and other companies. It's a real mix of generations. Most things have seen a lot of play, and most of them need repairs. Here's a picture of all that:What I recognized was the dress to Miss America (ironically I have Miss America, but she came from a different local store) and the skirt from day to night Barbie. I ended up finding out that the pink and yellow dress on the upper right is a Skipper dress from an outfit called Chilly Chums from 1969. It needs some repairs, but seems to be in decent shape. I believe the yellow and orange jumper is also Barbie's, I think it's a best buy outfit, but haven't been able to find it yet. The white tank top and the white patterned shirt with the purple fur collar I believe are both modern Mattel (the tank top doesn't have a tag, but the other one has the pink Barbie logo tag inside). The purple Ken sized shirt might also be Mattel from the 70's, but I have no actual clue. I don't think anything else is actual Mattel. The orange bathrobe has a shoulder seam coming undone, and is untagged. The pink dress in the middle I think it homemade, and is bigger than Barbie. Next to that we have a knitted tank top, which is just as sexy as it sounds! Underneath that we have this smock. Buffy was wearing it when I found her, it's much too large for her though. It's marked "Mandy" on the front. Has anyone heard of a doll (or maybe it's not a doll) named Mandy? Sorry for jumping around with identifying everything. It's just quicker this way. If anyone knows anything I don't (or if I identified something wrong), feel free to tell me. I have lots of repairs to do on these, except I might not bother repairing some of them. I have no intention of using some of them.
Not too shabby for five bucks right? Although I do wish Skipper and Buffy's faces weren't mouse bitten, that would have made it a much better buy (although they would have probably raised the prices had they been in better shape).


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