Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Not my proudest moment

Just like yesterday I woke up pretty early, except this time was even earlier than the day before by a half hour. I'm not really sure why my internal clock is so messed up. I just wish that it meant that I would fall asleep easier at night, but it didn't seem to help much last night. So I'm a little tired. I am happy to report that I'm shockingly not sore from yesterday's overexertion. My arms are a little sore, but only when I'm lifting something they hurt. Everything else is fine, although I wouldn't want to run any marathons at the moment, but really have I ever wanted to do something like that?
Even though I was physically fine, I was in a bit of a mental funk. For some reason I seemed to be under a black cloud all day. An imagined one since it was a glorious day weather wise. Sometimes it lifted, but it hovered close by always ready to return quickly. I even thought about skipping posting the patterns today, but I decided to go for it and muscled through the get them all listed. I also worked on the blog. I'm still several days behind. I'm now a little less behind, but there's still several days that need to be written and edited. I'm trying to get a little done per day, but I just talk too much!
My day really didn't pick up until the mail got here. The first thing I'm expecting arrived today! I was hoping it would since it was coming from North Carolina, but it was shipped yesterday and sometimes the postal service takes longer than I think it should (granted I do think 30 seconds is too long of a wait, so they could never live up to my impatient expectations). Let me tell you what it is, a vintage Barbie body. I bought it on Sunday from Etsy. I was doing a search there for something and was looking though the older ads. I found one for a vintage Barbie body for five dollars, and wrestled with getting it (for about 30 seconds). I quickly added it to my cart, bought it, and paid with Paypal. I thought that it was going to be a standard transaction, but the seller e-mailed me confirming my purchase. She also mentioned that I got a great deal since the doll was listed at that price by accident, it was a typo. I wish I never knew that, immediately my guilt kicked in. I felt bad for taking advantage of this person's mistake. I felt so bad for buying it. I thought about telling the seller they could cancel my order, but I didn't e-mail them about it right away. I gave myself some time to think about it. I felt it was the right thing to offer the doll back to her, but I was having a hard time doing it. I mean it was her mistake and I didn't know it was a typo when I bought it, so I wasn't really obligated to give it back or anything. I wanted to do the right thing, but I didn't want to lose out on the body. It was quite the conundrum.
I ended up talking over the whole deal with my mother. She agreed that it was a tricky situation, but also agreed that I should offer the doll body back to the seller. So with reservations, I did. I told the seller she could cancel the sale if she wanted and I wouldn't hold it against her. (Not that I would have much option, I wouldn't be able to leave feedback if the transaction was canceled.) I was ready to lose out on the body, but it was the right thing, and sometimes that's the harder choice to make.
But the seller said she wouldn't hear of it, and let me keep the body at the much lowered price, so yay to that! The body was in the mail on Monday and in my hands on Tuesday. When I opened it I was in for a nasty little shock, the neck knob was broken! It hadn't broken in the mail, it was packed in it's own little bag and neatly labeled. Also included in the box was a paper print out of the Etsy ad, with all of the dolls issues highlighted. I'm usually pretty good at reading ads, so I wasn't really sure why I missed it when I saw the ad. I wasn't too upset since the knob was included and it looked like a clean break. Plus the rest of the body is in great shape. The hands are perfect with all their fingers and nail polish, the toes have all their polish too. Really, just a stunning body save for the broken knob, and one minor dent on one of the breasts (also highlighted on the paper).
I went up to my room and checked the ad to see why I hadn't noticed the broken neck knob being mentioned. Turns out the seller was a little "creative" with their listing. Yes, they did disclose it in the ad, but all the photos of the body are cropped to remove the missing neck knob, and the final picture that shows the entire top portion the neck knob has been placed back on the body. I distinctly remember wondering if the neck knob was missing based off the first three pictures, but seeing it was there in the last picture. I must have missed the sentence when they disclosed that it was broken. It's not that big of a deal (although I would have been bothered had I paid more), I was more concerned as to how I could have missed something like that. I usually have better reading comprehension skills.
Since the neck was broken, that meant I had some work to do. Apparently I wasn't the first to try and fix it. There was both a small metal post in the knob to try and hold it, and some glue. The post wasn't doing anything so using pliers I removed it and threw it out. I tried gluing with with some glue I had but with the old glue there it was creating enough space so that my glue couldn't take hold. I ended up using my seam ripper to scrape away the old glue to give the knob and body a tighter connection. After I was satisfied it would hold, and I removed enough of the older glue, I glued it again. This time it actually held. I checked it a few times and it seems to be connected strongly.
I heard from the seller this afternoon. They contacted me, informing me that the package had been delivered (I had paid for a tracking number). They said to me; "Please let me know if you are not happy with your purchase so we can make it right.". If I was happy they said I should leave feedback, then they'll give me feedback (which I don't think how that's supposed to work, I think she's supposed to give feedback first). Anyway, it seemed a little unusual, but it felt like like the seller had been burned in the past by a buyer being unhappy and didn't want something like that happening this time. I said I was happy and was going to leave her positive feedback (which I did). I'm glad I got this body, but I wish I didn't know about the typo thing. Every time I look at it I'm going to be reminded that I got it for such a great price at some elses expense. And I do remember stuff like that, I remember where most of the dolls came from, and when it's a bad experience (for whatever reason), that stays with them. Luckily they outweigh the bad feelings that can come up, I just wish they didn't exist in the first place.
After I had gotten the neck knob attached I started looking online for a head for it. Oh, I say that so casually, I didn't "look", I obsessed. I'm not sure why, but this weird driving force filled me and I tore though the internet trying to find a good condition head at a decent price. Right now I'm trying to find any style of vintage head except for bubblecut, I have too many of those already. I spent hours searching online for one, pulling out every single trick in my book trying to hunt one down. I just needed to find one NOW! I had the doll for less than a day and I needed to find it a head. I'm still not sure why this doll was so dire to complete right now. It's not like I don't have enough dolls already. And there's more than ten dolls on the Naked Party Pad waiting to be dressed so it's not like I don't have any dolls to create for (not enough dolls to sew for has yet to be a problem). Eventually I gave up the search when I wasn't finding anything after a couple hours. This is going to be a long time search. I am planning on sticking the doll body into the closet for the time being. I don't like how she makes me act, so out of sight, out of mind.
And with all that wasted time, I didn't get anything done with the patterns for tomorrow, I'm going to have to be busy in the morning to make up for it!

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