Saturday, February 25, 2012


I think I'm getting to the end of my recovery from my concussion. I've been finished with most of the ill effects for a while. The headache and fuzzy headedness cleared up a couple days after the incident. All that's really clung on was being really tired during the day. All this week I'd find myself incredibly tired at random times. It wasn't like I was going to fall asleep at that very second tired, but yawning and wishing it was bedtime tired. I'm hoping that some decent sleep will get me back to normal, but several things have been keeping me from doing so.
And even though I'm getting better, my creativity's been shot all week. This week was supposed to be a creative week and I was hoping to make some progress on some of the nude dolls, but it didn't happen. Sad part is I even have ideas for them, but not the energy. This week has been very disappointing in that aspect of it.
In the morning I worked on my Flickr account. The past week (and a bit before) I've really lapsed on replying to people who commented on my pictures. I keep meaning to go back and finally get all caught up on it, but once it gets away from me it becomes such a daunting task. I want to say the right thing to people and let them know that their comment (and compliments) are really important to me, but sometimes it's hard to accurately respond what I want to say. The head injury didn't help any. Today I managed to go and reply to most of the comments I needed to. I still have two pictures that I need to reply on. The comment section of the blog is suffering from my lack of responses too. I just can't blame my head injury on that. Just know that I read each and every one and appreciate it, it's just the replying thing that I suck at. But I do read each one of them. I will get caught up on them, eventually, right now my focus is getting caught up on actual blog posts. I have several that still need to be written. I'm making progress, but time keeps being faster than I can type. Especially when I have trouble finding the right words for what I want to say, and really especially when I blather on like how I'm doing now.
Anyway, today I actually felt like sewing. I wanted to make progress on one of the undressed dolls. I ended up picking Ken. All he needed was a shirt, and since I bought the material specifically for that project it was time to make it and decide if it was working or start working on plan b. I mean Barbie already got a dress made from the fabric, it was high time Ken got something from it. So I pulled out the usual Ken shirt pattern. I was making it up pretty much like normal except I was getting rid of the curved hem since I wasn't planning on tucking the shirt in.
After I cut it out I got to work. I've had a good success rate with this pattern, and this time was no different. I did have some issues with the shirt being too big in the torso. When I got rid of the curved hem I also accidentally got rid of the curve of the side hem to fit Ken's body better. I had to take out the hem and take it in some at the sides, an easy fix. Although I am pleased to say that I was able to add an inset collar, and on the first time! That was the first time that's happened. I got the entire thing finished today, even sewing three snaps in the front. I really like it. It works really well for Ken, and with the shorts. And not to brag, but I think it's one of the best things I've made, quality wise. There's a few minor imperfections, but for the most part it's surprisingly well done. Ken is certainly going to be wearing this outfit.
I haven't crossed him off the redress list just yet (something that I've let lapse), he still needs some minor touches to his clothes. Tomorrow I'm planning on making him some socks. Not sure what to do about shoes since I don't have any that will work for him, but he can go without for a while. Once he's gotten his socks I'll be able to move him from the Party Pad and into the collection.
That fabric was a really smart purchase, I got two dolls dressed from it! No pictures today of it, but once he has his sock I'll be sure to take some!

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