Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Slave to My Etsy Store

I'm back the the usual pace of sell, sell, sell. This morning I was able get four more patterns posted to my store. Now that I'm getting more familiar with the process sometimes I can get one posted in about a half hour, with the most ideal conditions. Typically it takes me longer, but usually 45 minutes is the the longest they each can take. And that's including taking pictures, writing the ad, checking to make sure all the pieces are there, editing the photos and filling out the proper boxes over on Etsy. It's a lot of work, and I do get tired of typing, but I'm hoping the end goal will be worth it.
I even had another one sell, to a repeat buyer no less. It was one I posted today to the woman who bought the one yesterday. She e-mailed me asking about combining shipping, but ended up buying it because she didn't want to lose out on it before I could get back to her. I've already sent her an updated total for everything including the lowered shipping, and she'll be sending me a money order for that amount. This new pattern wasn't that expensive, so I'm not able to add another ten dollar bar to my counter. But fear not, this just means that down the road when another under ten dollar item sells I'll be able to combine the two and add another bar. I do like it when things sell.
But I wasn't in the mood to post more in the afternoon. There's really only so long I can stare at a pattern before I want start throwing things (usually patterns). Instead I started doing some sewing. Not for the collection, but something with the intentions to sell. I figure that the making some doll clothes to sell would be another way to increase my sales. Plus I wanted to do something creative, but still don't have any idea of what I want to make for the dolls. This way I'm sewing, but with an actual goal to be working on. You should know how I am when sewing just to sew.
I wanted to make something using that Modern Art pattern I adapted. People seemed to like it, plus it's not that difficult to sew. I ended up adding a bit of length to the back since I made it again the other day and had some issues with the fit in the back. So I sewed it up, lining the bodice this time. I also did something new with the collar. It went in easier and looks better than the original, but it's not a perfect solution. I did have some issues that I'll have to fix the next time. I attached the skirt and tried it on Barbie... and wouldn't you know, the stupid thing was too big. I thought about giving up right there, but I didn't. On a lark I grabbed Darci, she's still kicking around while I decide what to do with her. I tried it on her, and the fit was much better. But the question is, will people buy dresses for Darci? I snapped a quick picture and posted it on Flickr if people out there knew of a market for Darci, I got a couple people saying yes, so I ended up finishing it on her. No pictures tonight since the dress is drying after a soak in some hot water to color-fast it, but tomorrow it's due for a photo-shoot so I can post it over on Etsy.
At least I was able to save it.

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