Friday, February 3, 2012

Still Trudging Along

I'm still making progress in posting those patterns over on Etsy. This morning I was able to get three patterns posted for sale.
The reason why I only posted three? It's because I also took some decent pictures of that Darci dress I made yesterday. One of my Flickr friends was interested in buying it, and I wanted to show them pictures of it front and back before they committed to buy it. I was able to post the pictures this morning and eagerly waited their response. And they wanted it! I was originally going to ask 15 for it, but since it was a friend I decided to bump that down to 10 plus shipping. But ten dollars is ten more dollars! Especially when you factor that I already had the supplies on hand to make the dress. I should point out that right now Darci's been a real smart purchase. Originally I got her to resell, but I think I might hold onto her for a bit. She cost me a dollar, and managed to make me ten one day later. I wish all of the dolls in the collection were able to be so cost effective! (I'm kidding, the joy they bring me is worth their expense). Here's the pictures of the dress I promised.
But that's not all I sold today. I also managed to sell one of the patterns I posted this morning! Exciting right? This one was another ten dollars, so I am pleased to admit that I am now fifty dollars into my goal (or I will be once I get all the money I'm owed). In one short week (With lots of posting stuff for sale), I've managed to reach 5/40's of my intended goal, that's 1/8th of the way there! And that's pretty awesome, I wasn't expecting such progress in such a little amount of time. I've already updated the thermometer meter to share with you all. We're really starting to fill out the bottom bowl. Here's hoping that my focus will stay sharp with this project, and that I'll keep making progress in reaching my goal, because we all know my track record with keeping focused on stuff.
In the evening I did some more sewing. I was still wondering why that dress from yesterday ended up being so large on Barbie, so I wanted to make it again to figure out what happened. Also I wanted to try something different with the collar to see if I could make it easier to add on. This dress went together pretty quickly. I did have some more issues with the collar, but it went in easier than the last one. I think this new way is going to be the default way I make this type of collar. I managed to finish it last night and snapped a quick picture. My Fashion Queen with the wonky eyes is wearing it (she was the easiest one to grab, plus she was already naked, so I didn't have to undress her and the fact that she doesn't have hair makes it easier to fit stuff on her), but I'm not going to keep her in it for the photo-shoot. Yes, I'm planning on selling it. I think my Brunette Bubblecut will be the model for that one, I'm just waiting until morning for better lighting. Here's hoping it sells just as quick as the first one!
P.S. Are you guys getting tired of me talking about money all the time? If it bothers people I'll try to cut back talking about it on the Blog. It's what I'm throwing myself into at the moment, but I can keep it to myself if it bores, or turns people off. Just let me know.

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