Friday, February 3, 2012

Welcome! ... Took you Long Enough...

Today wasn't all posting and selling stuff, I also got something in the mail! Yes, the Living Barbie head arrived today! I tore open the box, started some water to boil, bolted upstairs to grab the body, a quick dunk in the boiling water to soften the head, and I was finally able to compete Living Barbie!
And I super excited to share with you all my newest doll in the collection, even though that's not the most accurate title for her. Because you see, I've owned most of her for probably around a decade. Way back when, I won an E-bay auction for a lot of random broken dolls. I've mentioned that before because that's the same lot that I got Ashley in (my now re-bodied Superstar). In that lot I got this Living Barbie body, except it was missing it's arm, and had no neck knob (or head). This was years ago, so I really did not have the skills to deal with it, so I set it aside. I set it aside so well, I actually lost it. Still have no clue where it wandered off to. Late last year when I was up in Connecticut it decided to show up again. I still wasn't sure what to do with it, but I brought it down to North Carolina since it was Barbie. I then forgot about it again until my father was organizing some of the stuff we brought down and gave it back to me. I still wasn't sure what to do with it, but washed it and put it somewhere that I would be able to find it when I wanted it again (it was filthy when I got it and several years of neglect didn't help any. As I told the woman who sold me the head, the legs were so dirty they could have belonged to a Living Christie). The body cleaned up better than I was expecting. After it was dry and put away I still kept thinking about it. Ever since I added Living Skipper to the collection I've been toying with the idea of adding a Living Barbie. I wondered if this would be a decent start to adding one to my collection not that expensively. I mean I already had most of it, right? Also I'd be able to put these parts to good use compared to just holding onto them for another decade. I posted the body's picture on Flickr and asked people of parts were ever found. I was told it was possible, but it might be cheaper to buy a complete doll. I was deterred, so for the moment I gave up. I put the body away and worked on other projects. It was destined to be just a broken body for a bit longer.
But then destiny intervened. You remember that bag of random Barbie parts that I found at a local antique store? Guess what had a Living Barbie arm in it? Exactly. I brought it home, washed it, and pulled out the torso again. I looked at the joint and tried pushing them together. They clicked back in place perfectly. I now had found what I thought would be the most difficult to find piece. And it only cost me twelve dollars (I'm counting the entire cost of that bag on that one arm since it's the only thing I've used from it. The moment I use something else, it will have cost me 6, then 3).
I thought that the neck knob would be easier, because that's something that Mattel still uses, and if you have enough of the newer dolls you'll eventually have a doll that breaks and there's a neck knob. But seems that the older knobs are much smaller than the new ones. One day I tried to use boiling water to ease open her neck and insert a new knob. I tried so hard but only managed to force her neck open more and frustrate myself. Luckily I gave up before any real damaged happened. But I was mad and ready to stick her away for a long time, especially since I couldn't think of a solution now that the one that thought was going to work didn't. I wasn't planning on needing a Plan B for this. And I did, we took a little break when I focused on dolls that were a bit more complete, and needed less from me. But she was still on the back of my mind. I was looking over Flickr on one of my friend's feeds at their older photos. They had one of a Barbie neck knob. They found it inside the head of a Live Action P.J. they were restoring. They didn't have a use for it, so I asked them if they still had it, and if they thought it could be used for a Living Doll, they said they thought it would and that I could have it, if they could find it. I waited hoping they could find it, and they did! And they sent it to me for free! How awesome is that? I waited for it to come in the mail, hoping it would be the solution to my problem. When it arrived I was able to side it into the neck, and it fit perfectly. I used some superglue that I bought for this very purpose to seal up the neck. I manged to find the kind that applies with a brush, which has been a Godsend. It left some white reside on the neck, and I tried sanding it off, but I can live with it. I now had a completed Living Barbie body!
After that she just needed to get a head to be fully completed. That took longer than I was expecting. I guess since I was looking for such a specific head that I was a bit more limited in what I was going to find. I asked on forums, and did lots of E-bay searches. Those really didn't get me anywhere. But I did find that Fashion Queen while doing one of those searches, so it wasn't a total bust. I did get one false start, when someone said they might have one, but after I e-mailed them they got back to me once saying they needed to check for one I never heard back from them. I guess life got the better of them, I know I have trouble myself remembering all the e-mails I need to get to. In desperation I turned to Flickr posting a picture of the Living Barbie booklet asking if anyone had her head in their part stash. The same woman who sent me the neck knob actually replied saying she might have one. Again, waited excitedly hoping she did. And she did, she posted a picture for me. She was a lovely head with beautiful coloring and stunning black hair. I wanted her. She sold her to me for the bargain price of five dollars and 2 dollars for shipping. I couldn't pay fast enough. I had to wait for her to arrive in the mail, but luckily I had my current money grab to keep me busy. Like I said it arrived today and it's lovely. She's missing most of her eyelashes, but other than that she's so great. Her hair is so soft, just like a new doll. I'm not sure if it's the correct length, but she has enough of it to look great. I actually feel a little bad putting such a nice head on such a Frankenstein-ed body.
But she's complete and I love her! I've already posted her at the usual spots, this one is the last one to get updated on her (but this post is much longer than what everyone else got). I don't think the dress that I made for her is going to work out after all. She's got a different style than that. So that means the dress goes into the unfinished project box, and she gets to join her friends over on the Naked Party Pad. It's getting quite cozy over there.

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