Thursday, February 16, 2012

Well, it finally happened....

My father went back to the night shift last night. For the past month he's been working the day shift so he could get trained on another machine. We knew that it was temporary switch, but tried to ignore that fact and just enjoy the day shift. But after the training was done, and they felt confident that my father was doing a decent enough job on the new machine they switched him back. So we're all back to dealing with the night shift, and it's terrible. I feel bad for my father, working nights are hard, I've done it before.
But back to me, I didn't post any patterns for sale today. I woke up late, there's no sunlight to take decent pictures, and my computer's been super laggy all morning. So with those three factors working against me I decided to skip posting anything today. I'll finish up what I have already worked on tomorrow, and I'll make up this skip day sometime next week. Really, I'm the only one who's affected when I change my schedule like that. So not that big of a deal.
Since I wasn't working with patterns, I decided to work with the dolls today. I went over to the Naked Party Pad and surveyed it's inhabitants. I ended up taking Living Barbie from there. For some reason I've really been gravitating towards her the most when working with the undressed dolls. I think it's because since she's the newest addition I haven't has as many unsuccessful attempts at dressing her than everyone else. But even though I had less sewing failures with her, I still didn't know how I wanted to dress her. I did have that idea I mentioned a while back, but I still haven't found fabric anything like what I wanted. I didn't think I was being that picky about it. But supply limitations like that means I'm going to have to think of something else to dress her in.
Which brings me to a major problem, (which happens a lot) it's just that I'm really sure exactly what I want for her. I have plenty of ideas I don't want, but haven't found out what I do want yet. Right now the guideline for her is the same starting point as everyone else, era appropriate day wear. After that it gets a little fuzzy. I did make that peasant type dress for her before her head arrived, but once she was completed, and I tried on Talking P.J.'s stock dress I decided I liked P.J.'s dress better and nixed the peasant dress. But I didn't like P.J.'s dress enough to keep her in it, I just liked it enough to discard that other dress. Also I've been on the fence if I should dress her in something that reflects her ability to pose more than the average vintage Barbie. Perhaps something sporty?
Then it hit me, a tennis dress. That was certainly sporty, it was also something worn in the 70's, and it was pretty preppy so it would work for my personal ascetic (pleated skirts and knee socks? I am so there!), and I should have a tennis racket around here somewhere. I started looking online for images, and I found one of several variations on a classic tennis dress. I looked them over and selected one that I thought would work for her, and I could do. I needed to use the princess seam dress again, shortened with a pleated skirt. I tested out how the pattern would look by putting the jacket I made with that pattern on Living Barbie. I noticed that it was sitting pretty high on her waist. Since I had to change the pattern back to a back closure I figured that I could also tweak it to make it sit better on her waist.
So I got to work, undoing part of what I did last time I tweaked the pattern. While I was doing that I was thinking about the tennis dress. I was planning on making it totally white, but would that be too boring? Also would that reflect the 1970's? So I decided I needed some color in it. I just couldn't figure it out quickly. So I let her shoes decide. Since she's going to need sneakers I started looking in my flats bag for what color sneakers I had. Most of what I have are blue, but I wasn't sold on blue, especially since I didn't have exact matching blue fabric. Eventually I ended up picking a pair of white slip on shoes. I know, not a color, but I was going to use color in the socks. I ended up picking red. I was going to make the front panel of the bodice red, and use some red ribbon on the skirt, as well as the red knee socks. I got to work, first color fasting all the red material since I couldn't colorfast it when I was done in case it stained the white parts when it was all sewed together.
I made pretty decent progress, getting it all sewn up today. But when I was done with all of the sewing I tried it on Living Barbie for the last time. It fit decently in the waist... but was gaping open in the back. Since it was lower in the waist than normal I didn't allow enough material so it would cover up her backside. There was nothing I could do to fix this. I was going to remake the entire thing. I would have started it tonight, but wouldn't you know I used up the last of my red ribbon on it. Darn it. I actually thought about that when I was cutting it, "I hope it fits because I can't redo it." Funny how that works out.
So I made a decision. I was going to use my one Hobby Lobby pass this month getting some more ribbon. But, only if ribbon is on sale this week. I checked, and it was. I'm expecting to go out then, so I'll be able to stop in then.
I was really hoping to avoid going at all this month, but then this happened. If I hadn't made the dress first I would have skipped it since for so long I would get materials for projects that never end up happening, but I made the dress, and I like it I just need to remake it so it can fit. Oh well, I gave myself this cheat for a reason.

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  1. Sounds like a totally fair reason to cheat. Hope you enjoy your trip, even if it is mainly window shopping. ;) Looking forward to seeing the outfit-- I'm a sucker for a cute tennis dress too!