Sunday, February 26, 2012

"Well, it's not MY day of rest"

I had a very busy day today. I woke up with a to-do list that was already a mile long, and I kept adding to it as the day went on.
I had patterns to prepare, photos to take, e-mails to respond to, and packages to prepare to get into the mail tomorrow. Yes, I've had a couple of things sell late last week. I didn't mention it because.. I have some bad news. I won't be able to add this sale to the thermometer counter, because, you see, it's now wildly inaccurate. I've hit a bit of a snag in my saving plan, mainly because of my inability to not spend money once I have it in my greedy little hands. I've managed to really dwindle my saved my money, with several purchases, including one pretty large one.
In my defense, the big one was a really good deal, and if I let it pass me by, I would be kicking myself for a long time. So I actually could not not get it. You can see how my hand was forced.
I'm going to hold off sharing anything about what I bought for now. I'm going to wait until they actually start arriving before I write about them.
So sadly, I'm basically back to square one about saving money, but I'm not too upset over that. I'm still waiting to hear back from the seller when I e-mailed them a couple of weeks ago. The longer I don't hear anything the more I believe that the item isn't actually for sale anymore and they just haven't bothered to remove the ad. But I'll keep you updated if I ever hear anything.
But I'm still working to sell those patterns, today is the start of another selling week. I managed to prepared three patterns for listing tomorrow. I would have done all four, but when I was working on the forth one I started to get a splitting headache and my eyes were having trouble focusing. I guess I'm still being affected by hitting my head a week ago. I'm mostly back to normal, but when I'm reading/writing it's a bit too much for my brain right now. So I called it quits for the day. I can get that finished in the morning. I just need to finish the last one, everything else is ready to go.
I also wanted to do some sewing today. All I needed to do was make Ken his socks and I'd be able to move him from the Naked Party Pad and into the collection. So I made sure I did that today. February is coming to an end I want to be able to say accurately that I managed to get three dolls dressed this month. It's been a while since that happened. He got a pair of white knee socks. I did change how I made them with this pair. I used tulle to help hem them, and I also used it as a stabilizer. They actually ended up being fully lined in tulle, which actually makes them better. They're a little stiffer, and a little stronger. I think I'm going to use that way from now on whenever I make socks. His are still not perfect, but they're one of the better pairs I've made. I'm actually really happy with his outfit as a whole, and as separates. It's one of the better outfits I've made ever, and it's another doll dressed! After a dry spell I'm making some real progress, although I've manged to set myself back with some recent ... actions. Anyway, here's his picture like promised:Looking good right? That's another doll moved from the Party Pad and into the collection!