Friday, February 17, 2012

"Why hello again, old Frienimy"

I was back on the pattern posting trail this morning. I got all four finished and posted on Etsy this morning. Here's hoping something sells, haven't had much luck with that this week. So far only one Etsy sale so far. I know that they're being seen since I've been getting a lot of notifiers for my items being saved as favorites, but nobody actually purchasing them. This week has been a bit frustrating in terms of sales since I've posted a lot of new stuff, but have only made two sales. But I'm trying to stay positive. Sometimes these weeks will happen.
Anyway, like I said yesterday, I did visit Hobby Lobby today, using up my one free visit for this month. Now that I've used that up, I'm going to have to hold fast and deal with any supply shortages that come up for the rest of the month. Eek! Here's hoping I don't have any big issues come up for the next two weeks.
Since I was using my one trip today, I needed to make it count. I was looking for three things today. A spool of red ribbon, a tennis charm to add to the dress to help it read as more of a tennis dress, and some white fabric with some sort of small red print (for a different doll project). I won't leave you in suspense, I only found the red ribbon. I once again was disappointed by the stock of Hobby Lobby compared to my sewing dreams, certainly did not miss that happening. But while they didn't have two of the three things I was looking for I didn't leave there empty handed.
The first thing I picked up was the red ribbon. Out of the three things I was looking for that one was the more important to me. I would have been most mad if they were sold out. They weren't so I got it. In my pursuit for the white fabric with a small red pattern I scanned the fabric section. Saw a couple new fabrics (including the most adorable Raggedy Ann and Andy fabric that I must find a project for), but I didn't see any fabric that would work for the project I was shopping for. In fact I don't think I saw any white fabric with red patterns on it. There's not a whole lot of white fabric with patterns on it there. Not really sure why. I also looked for the blue and white striped fabric I mentioned for Ken a while back. Either they sold out or I imagined it because they didn't have any. I wasn't planning on getting any since my dying experiment didn't turn out decent, but I still looked. I did find a fabric that could work though. It's white with light blue and yellow plaid on it. I just saw it and it looked like it could really work for Ken's shirt. So I took a risk and got it. It was an expensive risk since it was 7.99 a yard. I guess I have expensive tastes. I only got a half yard since I just plan on using it for the Ken shirt, if that. After getting that cut out I made a hasty retreat from the fabric section, worried the longer I lingered the more I'd find.
I headed over to the jewelery section to see if I could find a tennis charm that I could use on the dress like a fake pin. And they didn't have anything remotely related to tennis. I guess we're not much of a tennis town. I saw lots of other sports, but no tennis. Instead I picked up some charms for a different project, Joe's Steampunk costume. Yes, I still am planning that, eventually. I've been thinking about it more, and needed a couple things to have all the supplies on hand. I ended up picking up this heart lock and key set (half off). I just needed the lock, and it's not exactly what I wanted, but it will work. I was hoping to find a regular looking lock in bronze to match the key on Charlotte's costume, but we can't get everything you want. I also picked up this pair of jewelry bezels. I plan on turning one of them into a pocket watch for Joe's costume. This wasn't on sale, but finally getting the last thing I needed for his costume was worth it. Now when I'm procrastinating on making it, I can't use "I need to get some supplies" as a reason for putting it off. One less excuse means I might actually start making it!
But not today, I didn't get out shopping until late, so I wasn't home with my purchases until the evening. And we had more pressing matters at hand. My sister called my mother while we were out to announce she would like help moving some of her stuff to our house, tomorrow, and after that she was going to come visit for a couple of hours. Which meant I was going to have to get into gear and fix up the house, quickly. It hadn't gotten dirty since Christmas, but there's sweeping, dusting, and general putting stuff away for company. Which I had to get done quickly, and alone. I started working in the Living Room. I managed to get it all organized before my sister's plans changed. She's not doing the move until Thursday, so I have time to clean, compared to just doing the best I can in the least amount of time.
She's so thoughtful in that way...

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