Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Admitting Defeat is never easy

Since I finished Twiggy's dress yesterday I was able to add her to the collection. She's living on Vintage shelf 2 with all of the other recent vintage additions. It's a bit of a disorganized mess (I still don't have the best way to display them), but she looks to be happy being among her peers. I do like looking over there and seeing her. I'm so happy that the dress came out as well as it did.
But since she was done, it was time to start working on another doll. I wanted to work on finishing another outfit that I started earlier in the month. I could pick between the dress from last week, or Skooter's outfit. I ended up picking the dress. Skooter's outfit needs a bit more work, and I'm still a little wary of the sewing machine. This other dress just needed some minor finishing details that I could do by hand.
And so I finished it. I was looking at it when I was done, and just wasn't in love with it. I tried adding a white ribbon belt to it to see if that would help warm me up to it. I liked it better, but... not on that doll. It was still a perfectly lovely dress and all, but I just wasn't feeling it on the doll I had it on. I tried it on Charlotte, and I could get it to fit (the dress is actually Francie sized), but it was a little tight. I thought about keeping it for Charlotte, but I wasn't in love with it on her either. Besides, she has so many dresses already, what's the point of giving her another that she'll never wear? I was looking though the collection for dolls with the BB body to see who else could fit it. Most dolls are either already dressed how I want them, or wouldn't work with that style, but I did find someone. Mary Clair caught my eye. She actually was still wearing her Christmas outfit (one of several dolls who still are). The fit is a little tighter on her than Charlotte (not sure why since they're both on the Belly Button body), but it still fits. I do like it on her, but I don't love her in it. I think eventually she will end up in something else, but it does look cute and it gets her out of her Christmas dress. It's March already!
It does stink that the doll I made the dress for will be going back to the naked party pad. I was hoping to get her dressed and into the collection, but there's no point in forcing myself to like something. At the end of the day it's my collection and I have the final say, and if I don't like something, I don't have to display it. I'm sure that doll will get dressed eventually, they always do.

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