Wednesday, March 7, 2012

And Repeat

I went out again today, I know, I know. For some reason I've been going out basically every day this past week. I'm not really sure why, but when I'm asked, I go. It is easier than saying "no" twenty or so times. Also I did need to go out and get something into the mail. I had something sell late last night and I wanted to get it into the mail as soon as possible. So I was able to get that taken care of. I also pleased to say that because of this sale I'm now twenty dollars closer to my financial goal. I've already updated the money counter two full bars. It's looking pretty full, even though we're still pretty far from our goal. Although, we are inching our way to the halfway point. And when we reach that, that's when I'm going to e-mail the seller to ask if the dolls are still available and if they'd be willing to lower the price if I bought three of them. Here's hoping that we keep making progress!
So after going to the post office, I had some other places to go. One of the places I really wanted to visit was Hobby Lobby. I know, I'm trying to keep from spending so much money there, but you'll understand why I needed to go there once I explain it. I was buying materials, for an outfit, for Skooter! I finally had an outfit idea that I really, really liked for that Skooter doll that I bought last year. I'm not normally so thrilled over an idea for dressing a single doll, but Skooter is the hardest vintage doll to dress for me. She's just got so many looks that don't work for her that when getting her dressed just right it's near impossible for me. So I was psyched when I found something I liked and wanted to make for her. I just needed some supplies to get for it.
The first thing I needed was some yellow flannel. I was going to use it to make Skooter's "sweater" for the outfit. I needed yellow, which I thought was pretty common, but nope. Oh, they had yellow, but my options were sick urine, or "maize". Sick urine (lemon tree by their naming) was this harsh super over-saturated color. I've never seen a lemon of that color. It was just gross looking. Skooter's face is actually a bit yellowed, so I'm pressing my luck using yellow in her outfit in the first place, but that color would have definitely made her look very sallow. And while yellow is my favorite color, even I would admit it was an extremely ugly shade of it. So it was pretty unusable. And that left me with "maize", which never should have been classified as yellow. It was the whitest yellow I've ever seen. No joke, I held a bolt of "ivory" flannel next to it, and they looked identical. I really think they were the same fabric, just with a different label. So I couldn't use that one either. It really shouldn't be that hard to find your classic yellow flannel. I'm not asking for the stars here. I guess I'm going to have to start shopping at Hobby Lobby without any expectations, because it always manages to never have whatever I'm looking for no matter how common I think it should be.
But I did have some good luck while I was out, just not at Hobby Lobby. Since we were going out so late in the day we could only visit one second hand store, the Christian United Outreach Center. It's in the same plaza as Hobby Lobby, so while we stop in at one, it's easy to visit the other as well. It was almost closing time and they were already packing up the stuff in the front, but we still stopped in briefly. The toy section was still just as desolate as last time, and it looked like the fabric section was going to be a disappointment as well. But then I found this:Oh, I am super excited about it. It's some of that "dotted Swiss" fabric that I used to moan about not having any more of early on in the blog. It came from Walmart, and the bit that I had was a remnant that was the last I ever saw of it in the store. I've been checking every fabric store I've been in for something like it, but have never seen anything like it. I was hoping that when the fabric section came back to Walmart we'd get a bolt of it, but we haven't yet (or didn't before I started not shopping there). This was one of my favorite fabrics and one that I used every last bit I had. I even using the scraps to cobble together a blouse that Cinderella is still wearing. I was so thrilled to find some more of it (and it was only a dollar!). I've already opened it, I have about a yard and a half of it. The first piece I had I used most of it to make a Chatty Cathy dress (which I still love and she's currently wearing), but she's not getting a thing made from this one. Sorry Chatty Cathy, this stuff is rarer than gold. I need to make it last a long, long time. Who knows who'll be the first person to get something made from the fabric.
I'm so happy I have more of it! Makes the sting of being burned by Hobby Lobby hurt a little less (at least I can say that I didn't spend any money there this trip).

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