Sunday, March 25, 2012

Back to Business!

So it's the start of another selling week. I'm kind of glad the creative week is over, it was creative in title only. So now that's behind us, it's time to get back to posting patterns, although this is a bit different. Instead of picking new patterns I'm working with older ads that expired from the site.
Most of these are ones I posted long before this most recent surge of selling, so the ads are less than ideal. I didn't have a system yet so they aren't written as clearly as the could be. With experience comes knowledge. So today I went and rewrote all of them. I also copied all the pictures from the ads and did some editing. For some reason when I was originally posting I wasn't lightening the photos to show the accurate colors of them (my flash has a nasty habit of darkening shots). I fixed them all. Tomorrow I'll go and re-post the ads, adding in my fixed photos and my updated descriptions. As well as updating some of the prices. Here's hoping this will motivate them to sell, I'm tired of looking at them. Good thing I was able to reuse the original photos, the batteries in my camera are dead!
I even did a little sewing today, but not for the dolls, or even myself. My parent's sheet got a small "L" shaped tear in it and my mom asked me to fix it so it wouldn't get any worse. She just wanted me to zig-zag it, but I did more. I did zig-zag, but I also made a small patch to go over it. Figured that while I was doing it I might as well work on making my mending better, and it's not going to get any better without practice. Still dislike mending though!

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