Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Back to work people!

Continuing the theme of today's "creative week", I did some more work on some doll sewing. I didn't however pick back up Skooter. While I like her outfit and the direction it's going on I'm not ready to get back to making her shirt for the third time, especially since I haven't figured out that tension issue the sewing machine's been having. Instead I picked up another doll. This time it was Twiggy.
I do have a bit of a confession, she was already mostly dressed. I had managed to work on dressing her last week, but held of sharing it with you. She was basically done except for the back seam on her dress. That's usually the last thing I do when sewing. So today I finished it. I did end up having to tweak the back ends a little bit to get the bottoms to meet correctly, but it was an easy fix. I even took a photo and with great pride I'm pleased to introduce to you all, Twiggy:I'm pleased as punch how it came out. Let me tell you, for such a simple dress, it took days for me to make it. Part of it was from drafting the pattern, but a lot of it was the little details. The pattern was made using another Francie dress pattern as a guide (itself drafted from a Barbie dress pattern). I ended up dropping the waist, getting rid of the under bust darts, and adding the flared skirt.
The fabric might look familiar, it's some orange broadcloth that I used on that TNT Skipper dress a while back. It's broadcloth because I liked the vibrant color, and it was way cheaper than calico. Normally I try to not use broadcloth, but when it's the only option, I use it. It's fully lined in white. I manged to get most of the sewing on the dress done in one day, it was all the little touches that took forever. I hand hemmed the skirt (which I have been doing a lot lately). It's a little different since instead of sewing like normal I ended up using a whip stitch on it. I don't have the correct color thread for this fabric (my only orange is much lighter and stitches show up like a sore thumb) so in order to keep the stitches hidden when I sewed I only caught the lining fabric in the front. First time doing that, so it was a bit of a trial and error.
The plackets on the sides also gave me trouble. I had the worst time keeping them even and straight. It took me several times to get them anywhere decent. I was so mad, I got the right side in first (after a lot of work), then spent longer trying to get the left side to match. I ended up ripping out the machine sewing and hand sewing them in place. So not going to do that detail again any time soon. The black buttons are beads, they're a little wide, but they're what I had that worked. I liked the outfit as I was making it, but once I added the beads I loved it. You can't tell, but there's a matching bead on the back too.
For accessories it was both an easy and hard decision. The shoes were easy, they're actually the first thing I had for the outfit, and the reason why I went with orange for the dress. I've had them for a while, one of the Momoko dolls wore them for the longest, but when they changed clothes they no longer went with what they were wearing. They're reproduction Francie shoes that I bought from a store online that sell shoes for a great price, but gets you with the shipping. They are a little "rough", but passable. The socks were the hard part to decide on. The knee socks, while they usually are, were not my first choice. I actually purchased some other fabric for this outfit (my only actual purchase for it, everything else was on hand). I found this orange knit type fabric, which actually spawned me designing this entire outfit. It was bright, bold, and very mod. The thing was I didn't want to buy it just in case the outfit never came to be. I don't think I'd ever need something like that elsewhere. So that made me get to work on making the dress. If I liked the dress and it came out well, I could freely purchase the fabric to make the tights.
Needless to say, I made the dress, and liked it so I went and bought the fabric. I even drafted a pattern and made a test piece, followed by the actual tights (or in reality really high socks), but when I tried them on Twiggy I had a problem. The three orange pieces of clothing (dress, tights, and shoes) were all different shades, it didn't look that glaring when they weren't together, but in one outfit it was pretty bold. Just for the sake of discussion I tried on one of Charlotte's white tights (High sock) to see how that would look. I liked it better, so I ended up making a pair of knee socks for the outfit. I was flip flopping to which one I liked better, but ended up going with the white socks. The orange tight material ended up having a big issue, it has a lot of dye still left in it. I've been color fasting it for over a week, and the water still is orange every time I change it. I don't want to think of what that dye could do to poor Twiggy's legs! At least with the white socks she'll be safe, plus I love white knee socks!
And with what I did today she was done and free to join the collection! That's our first dressed doll of the month, but certainly not the last (I promise you that)!

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  1. Hello from Spain: congrats on the clothing of Twiggy. The dress in vibrant color that I like. I look forward to more of your future creations. keep in contact blog blog.