Thursday, March 1, 2012

In like a Lion,

Welcome to the first of the month everyone! And you know what that means??? I'm done with my no month of Hobby Lobby!!!
And I wish I could say I was as overjoyed as the many exclamation points I've used implied. While it's true that I did end up using my one free pass that month, I really didn't miss Hobby Lobby all that much. Especially when most of the time I go there it never has anything close to what I'm looking for. I dream of the day when I live some place where I finally have several decent sources available. So while the month of avoiding Hobby Lobby is over, I'm still going to keep scaling back my time in there. Stopping in for what I need, not to just browse. I'm going to add myself back to their mailing list, but not like them again on Facebook. That page was never really much use to me. Here's hoping that I'll keep spending better when I'm there and not fall back into old patterns. Otherwise I'm going to have to do another one of those no month deals.
Not much to report on about my day. I spent most of it working on those blog posts I've been so behind on. I finally sat down and muscled my way through some of them. I still have one that's unfinished, but eventually I will get to it, although there's several posts scattered through the years that I meant to "get to it", but never do. I really should go back and finish those.
I also managed to get Brooke Shields finally posted over on the Dollpage. She's been kicking around for so long and I finally got tired of seeing her face. Today I managed to put away several things that needed to be put away and that motivated me to clean her up and get her listed. Although, it wasn't easy. Not cleaning the doll, Brooke cleaned up wonderfully, but actually posting the ad. I wrote the entire thing, but when I clicked the next page to add photos, I had to sign back in. When I did that I lost the entire ad that I had just written! This is the second time that's happened to me! I hate having to write ads, much less re-write them. When it happened I was so mad I just clicked off the page. I was in no mood to deal with that when I was so frustrated at losing the original ad like that. I ended up coming back in the evening and redoing the ad. It was annoying to have to do it again like that, but the only person who would suffer not getting her listed was me. Now she's out there and hopefully someone will want to give her a good home, and give me some money. I was planning on posting Miko today too, but after dealing with that site hiccup I ended up not. I guess I'm going to keep moving her around until I finally get sick of that and post her too!
I can be so lazy sometimes...

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