Saturday, March 24, 2012

Just "Hanging" around all morning...

A pretty uneventful day, nothing to write home about, except I got something in the mail! You know how I love getting stuff in the mail. This was something that I was hoping would get here today, or else I'd have to wait all of Sunday until Monday for it to arrive (at the earliest). I did have tracking info and it was listed as being in Greensboro last night, and arriving in town at seven this morning, so I was hopeful that it would get here, but I've been fooled before. I held my breath as I opened the mailbox and was greeted with a package with my name on it! I skipped inside and quickly opened my latest acquisition.
Don't worry, it wasn't a doll. I'm not crazy enough to add one of those to my work load at the moment (who am I kidding, I'm always going to add more, more, more). It was something just as fun though, some doll dress forms! I was over on the Dollpage the other day when I saw someone had posted two dress forms, for the price of ten dollars for both. And if that wasn't already a good deal, the seller also uploaded some stuff that you could have for free when you ordered from them, and one of the items was a lot of hangers! HANGERS! TEN OF THEM! Sorry for shouting, but lately hangers have been quite the addiction around here. They're almost as bad of an addiction as fabrics, doll shoes, and dolls themselves. I've been looking into buying some and here I find ten of them. I didn't need much motivation to buy the dress forms, but the free hangers sealed the deal. I quickly contacted the seller about buying the dress forms, and asked for the hangers if they were still available. They were, and were added into the package.
So that's the reason why I started working on another garment rack, like I said there's not enough room for ten more things on Charlotte's garment rack. But I have been thinking about making a second one for other people's clothes, this just motivated me to do so. After they arrived I went and started finding clothes that I wanted to hang up. I found several clothing pieces that I wanted to put on the new rack, mainly Joe's stuff. I also went and upgraded some of Charlotte's hangers as well. I still have a couple of these new hangers as well as some older ones that are now free, so I can hang up more stuff, when I find it. I still have to make the new garment rack though, hopefully I can get that done soon. I have clothes that need to be hung! (Hanged? Hunged? Gah, put up on a bar).
But enough about the hangers, the dress forms are also a big part of the package. I've actually seen these before, I think these are the dress forms they used to advertise in the now defunct Barbie Bazaar Magazine (which I still miss). If memory serves me right, they were originally 14.99 plus shipping. Since I got both of them and ten hangers for the price of one originally, I think I got a good deal. They are a bit different than the other dress forms I already have. These ones are actually designed for the vintage type body. I won't be able to display Charlotte's clothes on them since they're too big in the bust area. (Believe me I tried.) Not a huge fan of that, but I guess this just means I can use it to display some of the vintage clothing I create (except for the fact that most of the vintage clothing I make is already on someone), so right now I don't have the perfect outfit for display, but I'm sure eventually I'll fix that. I have been having fun just putting clothes on them. These forms are also much taller than the other ones I have. These are actually the same height as the dolls they represent, meaning I'll be able to display long dresses on them. All the other ones long skirts would either drag on the ground, or I'd have to put something under the form to give it the added height. Don't have to deal with that with these. It's even got a cool feature that I didn't know when I ordered them. The bottom part, the stand, instead of being a flat surface is actually turned upwards so the bottom piece can actually be used like a try to show off small accessories (like shoes). This is actually patented, or at least has a patent number molded into it.
They do have a bit of an issue though, seems like both of them are coming apart at the seams. Not sure if it's because someone tried to take them apart, or it's a design issue but there's some definite spreading between the front and the back. It's not too bad and doesn't change how they're supposed to be used, but it does mean I'm going to have to be careful with them. The insides of them are a little sharp. Not dangerously so, but it does have potential to snag clothing. I'm just going to have to be careful when putting clothes on them and taking them off. Still a pretty good deal. I might end up using some superglue and trying to glue the two pieces back together, right now I just have some elastics at the waist holding them together. Hopefully that will keep it from spreading more.
Yay, two more dress forms to display stuff on! I don't know why I love dress forms so much. They just make everything look so professional, like a museum's collection. And I do like how they display a garment without adding any personality. I know doll's technically don't have any personality, but to me they do. Something that would work on one of them, wouldn't work on another. These dress forms are blank canvasses that can pull of whatever look I want to display. And sometimes it's nice to just put something on a dress form and just have it work!

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