Saturday, March 31, 2012

March Marches Out!

I had the chance to go out this morning, but I didn't take it. I'm still feeling remarkably anti-social. I just don't want to deal with other people at the moment. Perhaps if I thought that something for the collection would come from me going out I would muster up the energy to go, but the past few times I've been out I haven't found anything that I really needed so I decided to skip it. My time could be better spent doing other stuff, stuff that actually would benefit me.
Which I did. Today was the day that I finally got off my duff and posted Miko for sale over on the Dollpage. She's been sitting on my dresser with some other dolls waiting for me to get to them. Today it was finally Miko's turn. The other dolls will have to wait for more motivation to get them listed. I wrote the ad, and took lots of pictures, making sure to show her long flowing locks. She is a pretty doll, so I'm hoping she'll catch someone's eye. I'd think about keeping her myself, but she really doesn't fit into what I'm collecting at the moment, and space is limited. I hope someone buys her and gives her the love and attention that I'm currently not. Once she was listed I was finally able to put her away in the closet where I store all the stuff I have listed. She's finally no longer in plain site. Now I just have to get Little Debbie and Happy Birthday listed and I'll have finally have my dresser cleared from dolls. Until I get something else to list that is. I'm sure the moment I list the last one, I'll end up with something else to list. That's always how it happens!

But I did do some work with the dolls in the collection. It's the last day of the month, my last chance on getting dolls dressed for the month of March. I didn't mention this yesterday, but I made some progress on a doll yesterday, Living Barbie to be exact. But I didn't actually do any sewing. You may remember that I made a dress for Living Barbie a while ago. I don't think I ever shared a picture of it with you. By the time it was finished I wasn't planning on using it, so I never bothered photographing it. I still finished it however. I liked it, but wasn't in love with it on Living Barbie. It ended up in the spares bag, but I pulled it out the other day to try on Sweet Sixteen Barbie. It looked okay on her, but I didn't end up keeping her in it. Since it was still out after I took it off her, I decided to try it on Living Barbie again. I still liked it on her best, but something was missing. Nothing about the dress, but the accessorizing. I thought maybe a hair bow would help. I cut a small piece of fabric and played around with it. If I gave her a low ponytail and used a large (to her) bow in it, I really liked the look. I didn't have enough energy to remake it yesterday, so it was today's goal. I made it pretty quick, it's just a simple rectangle. I actually made it twice. The first one ended up being a bit thick looking in the back, so I redid it. I did this after I took the picture, so if I ever photograph her again it might look a little different. I really like it now. It's very peasant-y looking, but with lots of crisp details that I usually do. It's also a bit Disney Princess-ish (a fact that was originally a strike against it, but I've come to embrace). I think it has a lot of Cinderella in it, but someone else also commented Belle, which I can see. I just like Cinderella best, so I'm more inclined to view it that way. But that's enough talking about it, here's the picture of it:And I'm pleased to say, I was able to make something from that hot pink fabric that I bought for another project. Finally! That stuff was expensive!
But Living Barbie wasn't the only one I worked with today. I also have come back to Sweet Sixteen's dress. I think one of my issues was that she wasn't connected to the dress (either that or I just don't like her that much). First off I gave her a bath (girl was seriously filthy, I guess I never gave Hair Fair a bath), then I styled her hair. I gave her two pigtails, and tied them off with ribbons. I also made one of those clear plastic rings to hold her hair down. This helps smoosh her bangs down to keep them closer to her head. I don't know what's up with Sweet Sixteen's, their bangs always have so much volume. And that's an 80s' thing! I like it much better now, so she's going to be keeping it. Here's a picture of her in it:Cute, right? (Although the flash for some reason make her head look darker than it actually is). And I'm pleased to say, that mean's two dolls were dressed today, bringing our March total to three for the month, and just in the nick of time too! Cutting it a bit close, eh?

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