Sunday, March 11, 2012

Now's the time to sell, sell, sell!

Here we are again, back to another week of posting patterns. I sorted though the box of the ones I still have to post today. We're really making progress on them. I don't want to say that I'm going to be running out of them any time soon, but I'm at least more than halfway done with them. Now that the end is in sight, I'm not sure what I'm going to do once they're all posted. Maybe I'll have to start buying other stuff for resale in Etsy store. I kind of like having a working shop, makes me feel somewhat more productive, plus the money is always good. These dolls don't buy themselves.
I managed today to get four patterns all ready for listing tomorrow. I worked my way through them pretty quickly, without much trouble, except for with the last one. I had most of the ad written, but when I checked the pattern pieces, most of them were missing. I looked in the box to see if it was there (there's a couple pattern pieces that are just floating around in there), but didn't see it. I decided to list it anyway, just at the super low price of a dollar. I wrote in the ad several times that it was incomplete, just to make sure there wasn't any misunderstandings. I hope whoever purchases it (if anyone) reads that. I'd hate for any trouble to come about over it.
Once the ads were written and the pictures taken and edited the day was mine. It's just I really wasn't exactly sure what to do. I'm still stuck on dressing any of the undressed dolls, but I wanted to get something else done today. Eventually I ended up going back to the dress that I started yesterday. I wasn't exactly thrilled to pick it back up again so soon, but it was the best thing I had to work with. So that's what I worked on today. I started off with ripping out the skirt stitches that I messed up right before I called it quits last time. Once that was undone it was time to work on the biggest issue I had with it, that darn fit problem. I ended up having to rip out a lot of what I had done, including practically take off the entire skirt, but I managed to make the fit a little sharper. Confident that I had solved that problem, (or at least fixed as much as could be fixed) I started working on finishing the dress. I basically was finished it, save for a few minor touches, but when I was going to add the second snap, those horrible fit issues flared up again, and they brought along a friend. From all the work and rework I've had to do with this dress we've had some fraying of the fabric. Since it's a larger woven fabric it tends to really fray quickly, especially when you're putting it though all the torture that I did. So there were several spots that ended up looking pretty terrible. I knew that I could technically leave well enough alone and just live with it, but I didn't want to. I want to be better than just settling for what's easiest. So I decided I couldn't leave it like that.
But that wasn't an easy choice to make, that meant that I was going to have to remake the dress. There was nothing I can do to fix that bodice, it would be more work to take it apart then to just redo it. Also more handling means more fraying. I might as well start fresh, using what I learned from the first dress to improve the second one. Redoing it is harder than it sounds because I didn't actually have enough fabric to totally redo it. I was using a small scrap that I had that barely enough to make the first dress, much less a second one. I had enough left over to remake the bodice, but I was going to have to use the same skirt from the first one (which was a good thing, since I hand hemmed it, and I'd hate to lose all that hard work). I was a little concerned that the skit fabric couldn't handle more sewing, but I was going to have to try. It's either that or settle for something I was already unhappy with. So I ripped off the skirt and got started remaking the bodice. This time I was going to line it. That would hopefully get rid of that fraying problem. I was also going to taper the side seams a little better (before adding the skirt) to make the fit better. Hopefully I'd be able to get rid of those pesky fit issues.
The second go around actually did go much better. Although I did have some issues with the collar not going in correctly, something new each time. I like the lined bodice much better, it looks much more professional. While I made lots of progress on it, I didn't finish it today. Therefor there's no pictures to share (sorry!). You will get pictures when I'm done with the few things that still needs finishing, but that might have to wait until next week. This week's all about the selling!

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