Friday, March 9, 2012

Oh, Skooter...

I started with some sewing today. I decided that even though I didn't have the right fabric I wanted to make a go at Skooter's outfit. I need to draft the pattern for the sweater, and I figured I might as well try it before I invest any money into it. I pulled out some thin blue fleece I got in a group of random fabric to use for the test run. I figured it's close enough to flannel. It's the only flannel like thing I have. Well, that's not true, I actually do have some flannel, but I'm not using my patterned stuff on a test run like this. So I drafted a pattern and sewed it up. And I won't lie, it was very unimpressive. It was just very bulky and boxy. Not at all what I imaged in my head. I think I'm going to have to work on something else for her. So I guess it's good that Hobby Lobby didn't have what I wanted. I will begrudgingly admit it saved me money. But it still doesn't make up for the hundreds of other times it's let me down!

I was done sewing for the day after that little hiccup. Instead I focused on cleaning. Again I've managed to let that get away from me. It's hard using a desk when it's piled under a million things that don't belong there. I didn't start cleaning off the desk right away though. Honestly part of the problem there is that most of the stuff on there doesn't have a home yet (other than on top of the desk). I started to the right of the desk, on my dresser. Which has also become quite the catch all for my stuff. But the difference between the two is the stuff on the dresser actually belongs somewhere, and just hasn't been put away yet. So I started there, clearing it off, and finally putting things away. While I was doing that I also organized Charlotte's garment rack. It's now much nicer looking, and everything's been put back where it belongs. I got the entire thing cleared off, which is rather nice. I'm too embarrassed to say how long it's been since it was this clean. But I wasn't done just yet. I also cleaned off the set of plastic drawers I use for the Barbie clothes. Typically when I'm done with a clothing item I usually just stick it on top. I eventually put it away, but the drawers are so full it's a bit of a hassle to deal with to just put one thing away. Once I have several things on top to file I go through and put them into the correct bags so I can find them again when I'm looking for them. I did that, but I also cleared out a lot of other stuff that had piled up on there. Stuff that I put there in case I needed it soon, but it's been a couple months, and I still haven't used it. I cleared it off, put stuff away, and threw out a couple things that I realized I'd never use. Again, please don't ask me to tell you how long some of that stuff's been there, it's been months for some of it.
And my desk wasn't neglected during my massive clean up. While it didn't get the massive clearing off like the other two did, I did manage to get several big space wasters sorted out and put away. So it's not clean, and there's still lots of stuff littering the surface it's certainly an improvement. One of these days I'm going to have to suck it up and do a massive clear off. But today's work made it much easier to actually use my desk. Although, I'm sure I'll mess it up again. I always do.

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  1. Hey Aubrey, glad you stopped by Snow White's today. If you have scans of your 1938 coloring book...the front and back covers, plus maybe a few pages inside, I'd love to post them. Credit and a link going to you of course. Let me know what you think. Thanks :)