Sunday, March 4, 2012

So many places, so little to find!

Good news everybody, my depression has passed. It cleared up sometime over the night, and I was in a much better mood this morning. I'm not surprised that it's gone, it usually blows over pretty quickly. Just whenever it happens I just need the time to deal with it and let it pass. I just wish other people would understand that the best way to get over it would be to leave me alone. But that's in the past. No need to dwell on it anymore.
I actually did end up going out today, (told you I was better) even though as a Sunday most places would be closed. Which I understand why (this is a religious area), but it can be frustrating. One of the first places we tried to visit was the Antique shops on Sunset. I say tried because they were all closed. It was around 11, and none of them opened until 1. So we had about two hours to kill. I was all for heading home and calling the day a bust, but my father had other plans. Instead we headed out to the nearby town of Sophia. There's a flea market there, called the 311 (named for the road it's on). We've been there once before several years ago, and haven't bothered going back since. When we went neither of us found anything remotely interesting, so we don't think of it much as a place to try. Sadly this time turned out exactly like that last time, with neither of us getting anything. I saw very, very little that actually pertained to me. Perhaps it was a lackluster week, but I don't think it's the kind of place that will yield much. I saw lots of fruit stands, and more than enough stands of people reselling stuff they bought in bulk from China, but not a whole lot of actual tag sale type booths. Maybe in the summer it'll be more worthwhile, if we even remember it exists.
I will point out that I did see something interesting. At the 311, there's an outdoor section, and an indoor section. The outdoor section was a total bust, but the indoor part had a booth with one thing that interested me. At it there was a doll, she was one of those costumed dolls people would buy at foreign countries to bring home. She was in rough shape with one arm broken, and her head on backwards (how the seller didn't bother fixing that I will not know). While she wasn't interesting, she did have a stand, and it was I believe was a Vintage Barbie stand. I really didn't know for sure, but all my hunches were telling me that it was. So I asked him how much he wanted for it. He wanted fifteen dollars for it! A doll that he couldn't even be bothered to turn the head around right. So I thanked him and walked away. I'm not willing to pay that much for something so trivial. I mean, he wanted that much for the doll, and for me she'd be a throw away item to get the stand. If he only wanted five dollars I would have been all over it, but not at fifteen. My unattractive 1.47 Hobby Lobby stands will do just as nicely thank you very much. Since that was the only thing that caught my eye there and I didn't get it, I clearly left there empty handed.
After we were leaving the disappointment that was the 311 we saw a sign for an Estate Sale. I've never been to one of those, and I thought it might be kind of interesting to visit one and see what it was like. Directing my father to go the opposite direction of home we turned down the road to see if we could find it. And we did find it, but the sign was a bit misleading, it wasn't much of an Estate Sale, compared to a junk store that claimed it came from an Estate. I was not really thrilled being mislead by their signs, and their prices were even more disappointing. Sadly, I saw a few things of interest, but nothing I was willing to pay what they wanted for. I did see one Bild Lilli clone, and I've been wanting to get another one, but she was in a lot with other dirty damaged dolls for 25 dollars. She was the only one I was interested in, and I don't think that I'd even be able to sell the other dolls to make her somewhat cost effective. I'm not spending 25 dollars on a doll like that, I'm cheap. I try to get my Barbie dolls for less than that. Also she was dirty and had a weird green residue in her hair, so I wonder if she was beyond my repair skill level. So I left her. I also saw that they had a vintage painted hair Ken in their display case. His price tag wasn't visible, but after seeing the other prices around the store I knew it was going to be more than I wanted to pay. I can honestly say I'll never be going back there again. When you manipulate to get people into your store, and have high prices, with filthy merchandise, that's really not the place for me. Three strikes and you're out!
Heading back to town we were finally able to visit the Antique stores on Sunset, although in hindsight, we really could have skipped them. Neither my dad or I found anything remotely worthwhile. There wasn't that much different from the last time we were there, and it's been a while since we visited last. I did especially want to check out that box of Barbie shoes for a dollar, since I'm running out of decent shoes, but all the ones in there were poorly made clone shoes that wouldn't work, and even worse, wouldn't fit on anyone's feet. So again, walked out of those stores empty handed.
We also hit up the Goodwill, which was the only of the three second hand stores open on Sunday. I checked out the toy section, finding both a Barbie and Princess Jasmine doll, but left them since I have no need for either of them. I also looked through some of the clothing they had. I'm not looking for me, but for fabrics. I'm in dire need of some lace. Sadly Hobby Lobby doesn't have what I need, so that means it's up to me scrounging around to find some. Sadly finding anything like that is harder than it sounds. I'd really love to find a lace outer shirt in white. But the Goodwill didn't have anything like that. They're either so out of style that everyone's already gotten rid of them, or back in style everyone's still wearing them. So keeping with the theme of the day, I left another store empty handed.
What a disappointing day!

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