Monday, March 5, 2012

Some Mail on Monday

I got out early this morning. I had stuff to do. I have two dolls sell over the weekend (to the same person) and I wanted to get them into the mail today. If I didn't do it today I'd have to wait until Wednesday at the earliest. So I wanted to get them taken care of and on their way. I got that done, and I've already e-mailed the buyer that their package is on its way. I'm glad someone wanted these dolls. I bought them a while back for the collection, but we never really bonded. I hope they'll be happy in their new home.
And I was able to get back their original cost to me! So I'm pleased to say I can finally add some color to the money counter thermometer. Look at it over there, do you see how full it looks? That's only twenty dollars in there. It just looks so much better compared to when twenty dollars would have only been a drop in the bucket. Here's hoping it'll continue to get higher!
While I was out I managed to also visit the few remaining thrift stores that I missed yesterday. It was only the Salvation Army and the Christian United Outreach Center. The CUOC was really bleak. I think they cleared out their shelves recently and haven't gotten much back in. I didn't see anything remotely interesting, and didn't bother getting anything. At the Salvation Army I didn't see anything of interest for me. I did however pick up this black ceramic poodle. But like I said it's for someone else and not me. It may look familiar because I bought one similar a couple of months ago, to "repay" a Flickr friend who sent me a present. I actually got both of them from the same store, I think they're from the same company, they both look way too similar to be just a coincidence. This new one is a little more beat up, I can see where the head broke off and was re-glued, and one of the eye is missing it's paint, but it's still cute. I actually haven't sent the first one yet (how shocking I'm procrastinating on something...) because I was hoping to find something else to send in the box. Just the one poodle plus some other minor stuff seemed like it was missing something. Now that I have the second one I feel like that's enough stuff to feel like a real present. I just have to pack it up and get it into the mail. Here's hoping I don't drag my feet on that too long. I need to be getting stuff out of my room, not adding more things, especially when it's not something I collect.
Maybe tomorrow will be more productive, but at least I got those dolls mailed!

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